Friday, June 2, 2017

We're here! Chillin' on Wall Street after a day of driving and eating donuts! :)

Finally sitting with our feet up in a hotel in Wall Street. It was a long day of driving for Kev, but we did stop along the way at a Krispy Kreme store for our free donuts on donut day! Plus Kev got his Chick-fil-A that he searched high and low for!  He was happy.  We even found a restaurant being built that was called "the Shelby". Cool!  And after trying to check in at the wrong sketchy hotel in the financial district we are now at the correct nicer hotel chillin in our rooms.  We did get a good chuckle as to how small this place is. Small hallways that barely fit the luggage carrier and very cozy elevators and rooms. But cozy is good and it's time to rest and gear up to watch our fav scotch dancer tomorrow. Can't wait!  And hurrah for Nina being along with us and visiting NYC for the first time!  We'll see what she thinks of it!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Thanks Kev for being a great chauffeur! Its so good to be here and my first impression is wow,how can there be this many tall buildings!?! Unreal! Tomorrow is the day I have waited for for 2 years!! See my Hailey dance in NYC! 😁😍😊😍👏