Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bye bye Nina and Pops and an early 42nd bday!

Burning the midnight oil here (at Walmart), so this is all I got. Getting ready for vacation!

 Well, I have pics added, but not gonna do words per pic at 1am.  But here's a lengthy pic runthrough of our day....Pops and D surprised us with Square Donuts for bfast. Yumm!  Thanks, Pops!  And then Pops was off to work on the girls' room.  He had that thing painted lickety split. He's amazing.  All done by midday and he even started kinda late in the morning.  The girls were so excited.  They love it.  It's very similar to Hailey's room color, but has more blue in it. They are doing a seaside/beach/ocean theme with this pale pool color (tropical dream is what it's called) and then accenting with coral (curtains, etc).  Ash is hoping for new bedding and accessories for her bday coming up!  Anyway...while Pops worked, we decided to tackle daddy's bday.  I wasn't going to do anything special bc we will driving to Boston all day on his real bday (27th), but the kids seemed to want to. They had all gotten him fun little gifts and wrapped those.  And I decided to make him a very easy Snickers replica cake.  I very rarely can bake a cake, frost it, make and color fondant and finish a cake in a couple hours...but somehow it worked out.  All the kids helped with things...Ash made daddy a crown and helped with the cake and decorating.  D helped with dishes and decorating, Shelb with the cake and decorating and Lo with the cake and decorating too...but he got a little bored and went upstairs at one point and peed in a trash can. Sometimes we don't ask why. He beats to a different drum.  Add onto the day that Shelb had a few hours of volleyball, D was working on his coin collection (he talked Pops into going back to the bank again for coins)...and daddy coins helped him complete his quarter collection just in time for the fair tomorrow!  Then it was time for daddy to come home (he missed dinner with us bc he had a late work meeting), but the kids came up with the idea to surprise him when he walked in the door. They did a few practice rounds, which was very cute.  And daddy seemed oh-so-surprised when he entered the door! lol :)  Sue Sue, Nina and Pops came back to the house for cake and ice cream....and we had some good laughs during gift time.  It was a good day.  Now we are revving up for vacation and missing Nina and Pops who are at Sue Sue's and then off to Michigan (then back to see us for a week).  Busy times!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Pops is awesome!

Enough said!  He worked his rear off today.  I hope he takes a break tomorrow. We appreciate him!   Pics later :)
 A few updated pics...up early for XC.  I love how they gather at the BMS flagpole :)
 Shelby did great...her foot is no longer hurting...and she didn't stop on her 2.5mile run.
 Proof of Pop's awesomeness...Shelb even helped with cleanup.
 I think it's looking awesome...and Pops is no spring chicken, so I know this took a lot of his energy today.  And I don't even think I heard him blurt out a bad word.  He might have mumbled one or two under his breath, but he kept pretty quiet (quiet for Pops that is :))...though the girls were worried about him and his sighing and disheveled look :)
 Shucking corn...that's what you do in Indiana!
 First to be packed.  She was a little overwhelmed so Nina helped her. They did a great job. Now she can relax the next 2 days.
 Funny part of our day.  Vball in the house.  She is trying to get used to using knee pads. D helped.
 I think D had more fun than she did :)
 More interesting
 Yikes, Shelb!  And sweet Nina and Lo in the background doing puzzles. :)
 Still at it.  Good ol' Pops!  It was a lot of caulking...too much really.
 half asleep
 But she perked up and played her 1 hour of violin.
 Nina's great...digging right in with the boy fun :)  Lots of puzzles...and cars.
 They built a new magnatile fort at the end today.
 Still working on that overhand serve...but it's getting better every day!  I know I couldn't do an overhand serve when I was 13.  Gotta start doing those pushups, Shelb!
 I came home to Ash outside painting with Nina....and D had gone to the bank to get more coins...pennies and quarters. He now only needs 3 more state quarters...Missouri, Washington, and Colorado! 
 I forgot to bring her a snack after vball and before violin....but Nina had pity on her and stopped at DQ really quick since we were in their rental (and not in our non-ac'd car)  Yumm...DQ ice cream!
 Final summer lesson with Emily.  Now Shelby officially gets a 2 week break from violin.  Nice!  Working on her new solo.  A long one.
 Someone might have fallen sleep. zzzzzz  She said she was just resting her eyes and listening to the music, but I saw her lean against the piano.  I think she was almost snoring.  Love you, sleepy Nina!
 Nina was caught up in watching bunnies...she doesn't see them much in FL. :)
 Quick library stop. Her reading program is officially done and she's entered to win a drone or a fun doodle 3 D thing.  We'll see if she wins this year!
 She always keeps us on our toes :)  It is not uncommon for her to wear Hailey's old heels at the dinner table. Today she wore them with her vball socks.  Attractive.
 Our delicious dinner...and some sass behind it :)
 In trouble for not obeying...no heels til school starts.  Bummer.
 Neverending hugs for Nina.
 Nina and Pops were awesome helping Shelb with dishes.  She was overwhelmed and a little mad I was making her do them.
 our own ice cream sandwich dessert.  yummy :)
 Still doing puzzles in the evening...
 ...and cars.
 2nd person to get packed...nice!
 Getting ready for Pops to paint the room.  Stuff off the walls and floor.
 Love this. I know it's blurry, but they were cracking up...over a pic of Ash in Hailey's bikini and posing with her clone years ago.  Too funny :)  Cherish those smiles :) :)  Love my family!