Friday, July 28, 2017

A beautiful Boston ballet day! :)

Well, today was a beautiful ballet day....

...but I'll back up and start with our Boston arrival last night.   Didn't go exactly as planned. While the drive was pretty much uneventful and easy (at least for us passengers:)). The arrival into the city came with challenges.  Siri ended up taking us to Boston ballet as our hotel.  I'll admit I was excited Kev found a hotel so close to the ballet studios, but when it stopped us outside their front door we knew something wasn't right (unless we were camping out :)).  20minutes later we were at our real hotel only to find out they'd given our room away.  They thankfully had two rooms for us, but that meant we girls had to split from the boys, who were on the other side of the hotel.  Not ideal.  But we managed and were just grateful for a room and beds to sleep in.  I'm not sure how the boys' night sleep was but Shelby gave me a run for my money.  She sleeps with her arms and elbows out and takes up 3/4 of the bed, and her elbow rested in the crook of my neck and put half my body to sleep. Not a fun way to wake up and have to hobble to the bathroom.  But we did all sleep well and instead of getting up early and touring, we were just lazy and rested. Nice to not get up til 10am!  We never do that even on vacations.  We skipped bfast (mostly bc the hotel that said they had bfast and only had granola bars and prepackaged muffins, and they were gone by 10am), so instead we trekked to the city for our fav---shake shack!  We enjoyed a quick lunch along the streets of Newberry (Kev finally got his bday shake! And Shelby and Dylan fed fries to the sparrows :)). Then we raced to Boston ballet to watch Hailey in her level 5 class. So fun to watch.  I actually prefer this to performances. You get to see raw talent here. It's been a long time since I've seen her dance in class (October?). And the first time we've seen her dance in Boston, since we couldn't pick her up last year. It was wonderful to watch her in action.  Made me realize how much I miss the days of IU ballet visitation. I'm so grateful we could be here to watch her and one of her fav teachers (Atkins) was teaching.  Shelb and Dyl sat in the back row on their iPad and iPhone but I know they were equally enthused to watch their fav oldest sister! :). Afterwards we wandered the streets of Boston looking for a cupcake place.  Never found one near there, but did stop at a cute florist place to get Hailey a big pink rose. A darling store that had mini mice running back and forth at our feet.  Apparently the owner had no idea. But this one baby mouse was adorable. Running back and forth by the front door, and bouncing on the doormat. Never seen anything like it. He seemed very comfortable with us there!  The store owner was appalled. No idea how she couldn't know she had mice.  Then back off to see Hailey's first performance.  I had no idea it'd have so many pieces in it, but my fav by far was her piece--Stars and Stripes.  Loved the music and the red leos and especially loved seeing our fav ballerina in action. I will admit I was confused by some of the people chosen for main parts. They are definitely not the best ones from class earlier in the day, but what do I know. And many of them were SAB students. But overall it was a good show.  Dyl and Shelb sat in the hall during it so we could save $60. Wish they didn't charge for an in studio show, but the studio did transform nicely into a stage. The Boston ballet building is a nice one!  We said quick hellos to hays and she went and grabbed a quick bite with friends while we wasted time til she was done with her final performance.  The kids talked us into pizza for dinner so we stopped at Blaze. A place we'd visited in Indy.  It was delicious and cheap!  Then we headed to Boston common/public garden to see the Swan boat pond. So pretty there. Just serene and peaceful.  There was a lady there by the biggest weeping willow and she had named all the squirrels in this tree and was calling them and feeding them by name. We were cracking up. She was obviously a regular. We realized quickly that the squirrels here are similar to the mice. Not afraid of humans. They will come right up to you.  There were crazy sparrows there too nestling in the dirt. I think Boston wins the award for weird animals.  They all seems a little off or inbred, but definitely funny :). Shelb liked all the animal action.  You know her and wildlife!  We walked by the statue of mother duck and her 8 ducklings and then headed to find Dylan a cupcake for dessert (the rest of us were having cheesecake!). We stumbled upon a Sweet cupcake store off the beaten path and they actually had the Boston cream cupcake I searched for last year.  We got the last one and Dylan got a creamsicle one. Both were delicious!  Then back to meet hays at her apt after the show. Actually we met her at her Cheesecake Factory in the mall across from her apt. Yumm!  (Btw, Kev found another mini mouse in the mall...seriously, Boston has fearless odd looking rodents!).  Anyway, Cheesecake Factory hit the spot!  Hays had a yummy dinner after her busy day and we all feasted on various cheesecakes (minis Dyl who had his fav--Oreo shake!).  We left full and happy :).  The girls and I walked to Hays apt to help clean and pack, and the boys waited outside in the van. It took forever it seemed bc there was a lot to do. And I know the girls didn't want to say goodbye (though they'll see each other in a month!).  Off we went to our hotel.  I had hoped to see the glow swings that Hailey saw last year, but it was too late and we all needed sleep. We probably should have kept out two hotel rooms bc by the time we all showered and got ready in one bathroom it was after midnight. And we had to get up early to make it to the philly mint and get all the way to the NC coast.  Always busy times with little rest. But it was a gift to be able to return to Boston, even though briefly, so we could see our oldest girl in her graceful beauty.  And her time in Boston was a blessing. I know she learned a lot at BB SDP, enjoyed her little apt with her 3 roomies, loved the pool and touring the city and she even got some schooling done (adios, online physics!).  She worked hard, but had lots of fun in the process! Grateful for a great summer in her 2nd home away from home. Who knows if she'll grace Boston with her presence again?!


Will post more tomorrow.  Been a long day...but wonderful to see our ballerina perform!

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