Monday, July 17, 2017

A few randoms...

 Feeling so worn this week, but sometimes it fills me up to see pics and smiles and memories.  Here's a few.  Above is Friday right after the arrival of some of our bestest old friends from Bloomy....who now live in Orlando area.  Had to take them to our new Mother Bears where we sat directly in sunlight to remind them of their new Sunshine State home :)
 The girls were like old friends again...shooting each other with squirt guns and having good old fashioned fun :)
 Ash is just like Miss Julia...kinda funny how much they are alike. 
 Adorable...Shelb found some new pets that had been born in our front yard...these are 2 of 6 that went running when daddy got the clippers out.  Poor babies.  Glad they looked old enough to be on their own.  They stayed there til morning, but were gone when the sun rose.  Hopefully safe in a new burrow.  But oh so adorable...and Shelby oh so desperately wanted to keep them.
 Cutest playground gymnast I know!
 Most creative ice cream day cone!  The kid loves oreos!
And a cute one of our Boston girl and her Boston ballet buds...they have got a rough life tanning themselves on their rooftop pool!  Can't believe we will be on our way back to get her in just 9 days.  Time has flown waaaay too fast!

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