Monday, July 3, 2017

A lovely pre-4th day off

 Well, today was a nice day.  We didn't have a huge agenda and daddy got a nice unexpected day off.  We should have painted or something, but instead he slept in.  I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't even get out of pj's til later in the day and two of us never got out of pjs til they changed into new ones at night. The kids built tents and played vet clinic (Shelb's idea, I think) and then Ash served lunch/dessert via a "tea party". It was cute.  The only thing we had to do was take Shelby to violin.  Here's some snaps of the day.
 I didn't sleep in much bc I wasn't feeling superb....but I never thought I'd find all the kids awake when I got up.  Even their beds were made.  Nice.
 It was supposed to be a cleaning day, but none of us wanted we didn't.  Instead they made more of a mess.  Tents up, toys out, a full house downstairs.
 Ash showing me her multi-room tent.  Half was for humans, half was for pets :)
 Shelb's tent turned into a vet clinic.
She made it very official also being the receptionist.  I can't remember the name of the clinic, but it was cute.
 Time to finally pick our first tomato from the garden. It's the one thing the rabbits have not eaten.  Sad poor garden.
 Yumm!  Ok, I don't really like tomatoes, but I tolerate them.  Shelb ate this one in her salad tonight. 
 Logan was so cute signing in his pet. :) Llama, I think.
 Tea party/lunch time!  Ash's idea...she served us too (sorta). I did most of the cooking/cutting up.  And daddy did clean up. So really it was just her idea.  She put no work into it :) Funny how she does that! :)
 They were teasing him about how he lifted his pinky when he drank.  Then he made sure he did NOT do that when I took his pic.
 He loved pouring everyone's drinks.
 And saying "cheers!".  It almost felt like we were at a British tea the way, Shelby never had tea in England. What a shame!
 Dessert....complete with haunted English palace chocolate!  Love that face, Shelb...and although D was absent he is still photobombing! :) lol
 First time touching the ol' violin in a week and a half!  She warmed right up to it again.
 The only big work daddy had to do....he looks so cute out there in his earphones :)
 My dilemma for the day....a painting for our dining room.  Want to get one with my Pier 1 gift cards so I quick ran over there during violin.  I really want to go with a blue/orange/teal color scheme, but I like the tree one too.  Kev liked the boat one, but not enough color pop for me.  Hmm....
 First day of violin intensive at IU for Shelb. She missed last week but they had given her the music early to learn. She didn't feel behind at all bc she knew most of it.  Now she just needs to memorize it.  It's a smaller class this year, it seems.  Like 13? 
 She'll be learning lots these next 3 weeks.  Lessons every weekday, I think.
 We walked outside and this bunny just walked along side us...but when I went to get a pic he ran!  So cute.  Bet he would like our garden too!
 Good to see her carrying that violin again!
 The dinner we were going to make her before she went to England...and then wanted to make her yesterday....but finally made her today! Pesto Pasta with chicken....and Olive Garden leftover salad and garlic bread. Yummy!  Thanks daddy for making it so I could go to violin and Pier 1!
 Trying out the painting on the wall.  Not so sure.
 I just don't know if it's colorful enough for me...or big enough. And I definitely will need a buffet table under it at some point.
 Kev and I got a shopping date in tonight...I found these babies.  Apparently I need to raise my cake pop standards.  Now they have cake bars!                                 

 We thought this looked good for an Independence Day dinner....Hailey's favorite (calamari!) and something new--Octopus!  Ok, we didn't opt for this, but we did get a special surprise dinner for later in the week. The kids are going to love it! haha :)
 Losing it tonight.  He did NOT want to wash his hands after potty time.  He's a stubborn young guy!
 I think daddy is thinking about joining the sleepover fun!
 The pic in different lighting.  Hmmm...
 I found this one online. These are more the colors I want.
And good sport daddy...did most of the dishes today.  He's the best.  And it looks like he liked it! :)  

Only wish we didn't have to get up early to be in a parade....tired.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics today on the blog! Enjoyed them a lot! I still like the pic with the water color trees that sits on that buffet table! But the blue birch trees probably would be pretty as well, if you can find it! Enjoy the parade and Happy 4th of July! Xo Nina