Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A rat race day and ready for the beach!

Here's a few pics of the day...supposed to get up in 3 hours so really need to hit the sack!

 A good morning of XC!
 Some time at Grease Monkey getting the oil changed. Oh the joys of road tripping so often!  She was starving after practice...good thing they had free oatmeal creme pies!
 Shot time again...they had run out of menititis immunizations last week so we had to make a pit stop back.  He was not all that jazzed.
 But he was excited to show his brother that he was in the Jake Pirate room!  They made us sit here for 15 mins after the shot so he didn't pass out.  He really just wanted to take a nap!
 Breakfast of champions!  Gearing up for the vball tryout today!  What better way to get nutrition than from your own garden...our single home grown strawberry!
 All packed and ready to go to Nina and Poppy Stegs today!
 Then off to the fair...time to bring all our treasures and artwork!  D did awesome with all his...his NYC picture he painted at school, a fidget spinner made out of legos, a woodwork podium with his derby cars and his complete quarter collection (it ended up being too big to be entered, but we were lucky that they don't stick to the rules...phew!  They let him enter it. He was worried they wouldn't and he was so proud of that collection)
 Shelb's entries...her knit hat that I think Hailey helped with and her London's Calling picture...this is her first year in the adult class.  She is no longer a kid, I tougher competition.                
Ashley was very proud of her creations...a Shopkins beados collection, a friendship bracelet, a doggy sketch, and a Lego jail.
 Mr. Lo with his creations...his rainbow tornado painting and his plane boat light ship Lego (which lost it's ladder so when I had to go back to the fair later and attach it :))
 All our creations.  Even Hailey entered one. I couldn't find her clone head so I didn't take a pic...but it's the sunset NYC one in the middle. I think we called it Sunday stroll in NYC.  Shelby helped me name it.
 Off to a friend's house and the pool...he was happy!  Beautiful day!
 Try out day.   But she didn't seem nervous at all.  She's such a brave girl!
 Best ball boy ever! lol :)  He was so helpful retrieving balls for us.
 Still working on that overhand serve...oh wait...that's underhand. Working on that too, but mostly mastered.
 We had a trio helping on the other side of the net....Ashley's friend was there too :)
 She even got to play with the varsity team a bit.  She's not too bad at spikes.
 Go Shelb!
 I will say that she's very persistent!
 Off to drop off the fair stuff!  We had some snafoos with transportation. Some of the beados lost beads and I broke Ashley's police station. She was very calm about this all.  Phew.
 Excited to see if he wins at the fair!  Just wish we could find the missing lego ladder!
 I love that we can do this fair stuff...great motivator for the kids with the ribbons and prize money!
 LOL...we saw our awesome friends was dropping off her amazing cross stitch and other was dropping off her quilt!  I hope they both win!
 It was so hot in this room and we had like 10 forms to fill out.  Someone just couldn't take it.
 This one was pretty relaxed thankfully :)
 Bye bye fair crafts...hope you win!  We won't be able to see you this year, but we'll be back to get you on August 6th!
 Usually the chicken cheers us up...not today.  Too hot and tired :(
 Picking up this girl from her try-out. She said she did ok...pretty good, know how vague she can be with details :)....she seemed happy with how she did. We will find out if she made it hopefully via email on vacation.  But there's always XC if she doesn't make it. Either way it's a win win and she did awesome learning and persevering at a new sport.  I am proud of her for continuing to try new things and having no fear!
 Time to go back to the fair to drop off their goodies..
 You can see Hailey and Shelby's photographs in the background...they are competing against each other this year. Last year that did not go well with the food division and Ash and Shelb :)
 Yumm!  We baked a little today :)
 All packed!  Last of the kiddos to get packed....she always takes her time.
 Chatting with Hays about senior portraits....she was enthused to say the least.  Looking forward to seeing this girl on Friday!
 Best boy scout!
 Yay, beach time!  I had hoped to make a beach treat and celebrate our departure for vacation, but just ran out of time.  We are ready for fun in the sun!
 Poor daddy....not the best way to spend his bday eve.  Packing up the ol' van!
 A couple pics from last night's bday celebration.  Love this card D made daddy....about coins...and he gave him a 1975 and 2017 penny.  Cute!
 All the fun bday goodies :) 

Now off to bed...then Boston...then Ocean Isle Beach!  We are ready for vacation...but first we have to drive a lot. Poor Kev. What a fun way to spend his 42nd bday! :)

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