Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bye bye Boston, hello Philly mint and hopefully by 2am we'll be in Ocean Isle Beach, NC!

Fairly uneventful day, unless you count driving for all of it!  Though I suppose as a passenger I cannot complain!  We only got 5hrs of sleep and were up with the sun. Grabbed our free grab n go fancy bfast and back peddled to the city to take ballet pics. I know it was the last thing we all wanted to do, but since Hailey forgot to save pointe shoes in June we had to wait til July.  So, sorta her fault. Sorta mine for not reminding her before she trashed them. So instead we got to grace Boston with our presence one last time.  Finding a quiet alley to take a few pics before people were even awake. And walking over to the public garden to take some pics by the pond. A cloudy, cool day, but good enough for a few pics to fill this mama's heart with happiness. I cherish pictures of my kiddos especially when I barely see them. I know they think I'm crazy and annoying, but hopefully one day they'll understand.  It also turned out to be national dance day today, so "you're welcome, Hailey" for the free photo shoot! 😉  Then it was a race to get to Philly before the US Mint closed.  And we cut it close.  Traffic was bad and we made it with an hour to spare.  But D loved it and was in all his glory learning about how our precious coins are made.  We weren't allowed to take any pics inside and it was a Saturday so there was not much action in the factory lines, but it was neat to see it all and see guys fixing the machines.  Hopefully we can visit again during a weekday and tour the city more. I haven't been here since I got a free trip to valley forge when I was Hailey's age. Such a beautiful and historical city.  So grateful we took the time to stop.  Dyl bought some uncirculated 2017 coins from this mint and Denver's.  He was one happy boy!  Coins are his thing!!  Then it was off to get to the beach as fast as we could.  Unfortunately traffic has been soooo bad today and with out late start and two detours we won't get to Ocean Isle til about 2am. That is rough considering the lengthy drive we already had Thursday and the lack of sleep the last few days.  We are wiped.  We can't wait to fall into our beds.  Nina and poppy stegs and ash and Lo got there 2hrs ago and were getting settled and doing grocery shopping. We are in the icky part of our trip--dark and sleepy.  But we've had two Chick-fil-A runs today and just stopped for milkshakes.  So that's getting us through.  Kevs got his book on tape going, Hailey's working on her online pre calculus, I'm catching up on things so I can rest at the beach, and Dyl and Shelb are on iPads.  Could be worse. We have no crying kids! 😉  We're debating now if we stop at a hotel. This is rough.  And it's raining now. :(. Hopefully the next time I blog we've had a good nights sleep and are soaking up rays on the beach!

On a side note, Nina and Pops were awesome enough to go to our county fair today and they took pics of all the kids' art and winnings.  They all did great!  Dyl won an honor(higher than first) for his woodwork podium!  And guess who won champion--Lil Lo with his rainbow tornado painting(our lil artist)!!  Lol!  A 4year old won grand champion.  Love it!  So proud of my kiddos!  Thanks, Nina and Pops for scoping things out for us! Wish we could have been there to eat fair food with you!!

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