Monday, July 10, 2017

Clearing the Clutter!

Another day of clearing the's needs to be done yearly from now on.  It makes me grumpy :(  It makes us all grumpy...

 Shelb had her first XC practice today at school.  She was worn out after!  2.5 miles...good thing she's been training the last week :)  She said there were not too many kids there and she was in the top group of runners this year.  Go, Shelb! We shall see if she continues with this or moves over to volleyball.  Hmmm....
 We heard on Sunday that our old house is for sale.  Made me kinda sad those people only lasted 2.5 years.  But then again, no one could appreciate our house like we did.  They are crazy asking what they are asking...I think they only put in half laminate floors (which looks good, but they could/should have done way more)...they hardly even painted and we noticed they hung stuff in all the same places on the!. They did replace the appliances, but big whoop. I would never pay that for that neighborhood.  Oh well. I'm not sad about being gone from there.  Though I do miss a couple neighbors :)
 Filled out Hailey's last SAB forms. Weird.  We've been filling out these forms for like 6 years.  Crazy.  Time has flown by.
 Still plugging away on the sorting and trashing.  Pretty much this is how D does it...he zones out...completely :)
 And then reads a little.  He was supposed to be getting rid of stuff, but apparently you have to read whole comic books to get rid of them?
 It all went downhill really fast.  I told D to throw away this lil' purple ball.
 Lo insisted it was a purple marble.
 He was pretty ticked at me. 
 I had to get that thing out of the garbage and bite it to prove to him it was a grape gobstopper.  Really?!  That is what decluttering has come to in the Steg house. :)
 He seems to know when things are going to leave the house.  He started to play with the Barbie castle.  It's going bye bye....I think he knew.
 On the lookout for black volleyball knee pads. They are not easy to find. Ugh.  None at Walmart, none at Target, none at KMart.  Only Dicks had them and the line was too long to wait or we'd be late for violin.
 Doing well in the intensive!
 Proud of her! She lost a week during this intensive due to England, but she has practiced very hard before and after to stay caught up.
 She's almost ready to play her solo too.  Thursday!
 Halfway through the class half the kids leave....these kids stay.  I like the way the teacher had them practice their parts today....facing each other and listening to each others' parts.
 Trying another store...all they had was white...but I told her that's what I used to wear.  Wish I'd saved my old white ones. They were pretty gray by the time I finished with them! :)
 The van is in the shop for the whole week thanks to the damage in the NYC parking garage.  Daddy is working partly from home and I'm driving this heat machine.  Yes, the a/c went out in the car a couple weeks ago. Just one more expense :(  My hair has never looked so bad.  Humidity and windblown just bring out the best!
 Got home from violin to see daddy and the boys working hard on the loft clutter.  He appeared to have better luck with them than I did.
 He's the king of sweepers!
 Two peas in a pod :)
 But I love them both the same.  :)
 Checking out our old house on zillow.  Lo was excited to see his old room looked the same.
 Smallest fungi ever.  Shelby found this mushroom in our garden.  She insisted it was very poisonous.  Maybe that's why our garden isn't growing?
 A few pics of the boys' room...
 Still needs paint and stuff on the walls. But it's getting there.
 I actually love their room this way.  It was totally Dylan's idea.  Not how I would have done it at all.  But I love it!
 Practicing last time before her first open gym tomorrow.  And, yes, I got hit by this ball coming in my direction.
 Our ball boys...chasing after balls in the wildlife refuge.
 Sometimes they didn't get along.
And poor Kev....still sorting.  The sad thing is, normally I don't mind this job so much...but we have company coming in a couple days and no real time to dig into this.  I hate leaving things unfinished....

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