Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 8--England (final day, saying goodbye to Bourne friends and a day in London!)...and Dylan's special day!

Hopefully I can update this later on.  It hasn't been the best evening and I am drained.  I have no news to tell on Shelby bc I didn't get to talk to her today. I missed that, but it was evidence that she was probably having a grand old time touring all the sights in London. She had no idea what she was even going to see when I talked to her last night, but I saw a pic of her teacher on a boat near London Bridge, I think...and he seemed to have an all access London pass I assume they did lots of things.  And I know they said fond farewells to their Bourne friends at school this morning. We got a "remind" message tonight around 11pm their time that they were finally on the train heading to the hotel and that all the kids were very sleepy.  And I know they leave early tomorrow for the airport.  It has been a full trip, but full of memories and great times. I cannot wait to hear about it tomorrow night and more this weekend once she catches up on sleep and switches back to US time.  I missed seeing instagram pics tonight bc the feed doesn't seem to be showing all the I hope that works tomorrow!  And I hope Shelb took lots of pics.  It have to live vicariously through her! :)

Hays...not much news...I think she had a slower day, but by that I still think she means she danced for 5hours at least.  Hopefully she is able to enjoy Boston a little this weekend.

And today was D's day.  He had a nice to-do list made by the morning.  He had his fav. bfast of Krispy Kreme donut holes (not fresh, but still good!), then a trip to the park (near our pool) and some bball time.  He completely crushed me in all games of PIG and PIGGY and LOSER. I told him since I lost the LOSER game, doesn't that mean I won?  Double negative.  He did not agree.  He is very good at his 3 point shots and he is so dang competitive.  At one point he had a ton of little boys playing with him too. He is a leader...a quiet leader...and kids of all ages seem to flock to him.  We played at the park for awhile.  Of course, Lo shows up with NO shoes there. Day 2 for this.  I am throwing in the towel on this one. I asked him twice to get shoes on and since he gets in his own car seat now and buckles himself, I never seem to think to ask.  Grrr!  I was never a mom who had a kid with no shoes at public parks, but I am now!  Times are changing.  I'm too old to care!  We went to Chickfila for lunch bc it was D's choice and also the drive thru challenge again, which worked out good, plus a bonus bc daddy met us.  I have so much free food at this place it's unreal.  I love it!  Then took D to Target to use his Easter coupons (a fun thing we do during our annual glow hunt).  He got a new fidget spinner and some Pokemon cards.  He was happy! Then I treated him to his first Oreo McFlurry. Apparently he's never had one.  He tried to use the spoon as a straw...he had no clue. But he sure enjoyed it!  Then home to play Blokus (I think I won, but he did not like that and there were tears involved---have I mentioned he is competitive!) it was a tie, I guess.  Then his choice for dinner...homemade pizza (with his name in pepperonis...Logan's idea :))...then a small game of Monopoly (the game that never ends)...and floats/shakes/popcorn while watching the Lego Batman movie. It was a good day and I think he had fun.

(sorry I forgot to publish this earlier...a few minutest after midnight now)

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