Thursday, July 6, 2017

Getting to see our Fav. Boy Scout Camper...and getting organized!

 It was a nice sleeping in day. It rained and was sorta overcast. Good day for sleeping in!  I got up around 9am and really thought all the kids would be up watching tv downstairs. Nope.  All sleeping! Well, Ash had just woken up, but was still in her bed.  So sweet seeing Loggy with his sisters...he will not sleep in his room again til Deeeyan is home on Saturday.
 I had no plan for the day, so we decided to dig into the clothing situation. It is a continual situation...and not one I enjoy.  Lo helped me.  And by the end of it we had all his summer clothes hung up and all his winter ones under the bed...and I have two bins of small clothes to send to Once Upon a Child and Goodwill. YAY!  He is a growing boy!
 And the girls went through their old toys (bye bye Barbies and Squinkies)...and Ash also is working on getting rid of her clothes.  Good girl! 
 Our closet is the most embarrassing.  Honestly it was my one goal to get this looking nice this summer so I can have a place to get all my cards and craft stuff organized.  Not sure it's in the cards. It's a huge chore!  But clearing out some kids' clothes today from our closet helped...
 Shelb's really into her fruit smoothies. I'm glad I froze all that fruit awhile back.
 He was a champ trying on small clothes....he got jelly beans for doing so!
 Great incentive!
 Then time for an afternoon run/bike ride....
 ...and just when we started, so did the rain.
 Apparently there was a no mama-razzi rule while running...who knew?!
 They passed me many times....Shelb is honestly pretty good after not running since May.
 Hey! I caught her face!
 All smiles from all 3!
 We were pretty wet by the end...Shelb was a trooper for running in this.
 Ash was a big trooper too....she didn't even want to leave the house today, especially in the rain :)
 He was all smiles rain or shine!
 But we made it!  And I think it was a nice refresher to have a shower while exercising :)
 And Ash....she was off to a sleepover!  One happy girl! :)
 And we were off to the backwoods...first by the pretty :)
 Hello Maumee!
 Someone was out like a light. I couldn't blame him.  I was tired too after that long drive :)
 Couldn't find our Dyl at first...but then out of the outhouse he came! :)  Our blue-hatted boy!
 Looking good and not too dirty or smelly either!  Thumbs up!  Plus, I like his new hat he got at the camp shop!
 He showed us all around his tent area...
 I was actually shocked by the cleanliness of his tent.  It might have helped that his best bud, Ashton, moved out that morning to go on vacation.  But I think Dyl is not actually as messy as I thought.
 Hello, our fav. BS camper...what big eyes you have! And, yes, he got a bit pampered in this platform tent and with a cot.  Nice!
 LOL!  Now this is how I envisioned his tent being...but this was the neighboring tent. Now that is messy!
 It was a nice little area to live for the week :)
 Just us and the boys.  Kinda weird.  But with Ash at a sleepover and Shelb at violin and our aunt and uncle's was kinda nice just having the boys with us for family night at the camp!
 When did he get so tall?
 Standing in the circle...I guess we weren't supposed to be...
 They had quite a spread of food.  They made it sound like they'd run out...but they had like double of what they needed I think. 
 Scouts ate first....nice.  He had all his favs!
 Some genius food  
 Mini chicken and waffles. So cute.  I don't personally like this together, but a cute idea just the same.
 My boys :)  Yes, they all have their quirks :)
 Love it!  I can't remember what they called this thing they built...but they sure had fun swinging on it!
 Not sure you'd catch me on it!  Poor Lo wanted to try it, but he took too long picking the seeds out of his watermelon.
 D showing us around the camp area.  Very nice lake with boats and canoes and paddle boats.
 My sweet boys :)  Won't be long and Loggy will be her cub more year :)  It was great seeing our Dyl.  I was worried he might be roughing it a little too much, but he seemed like he was having a great time and doing lots of fun things.  Getting checked off on swimming and geocaching and electricity and lots of things.  I need to ask him this all when he gets home.  He's working hard and having fun. And he is eating pretty good...maybe better than at home. He even gets ice cream every night. Rough life.  I thought they were cooking food over campfires, but we never even saw a campfire.  They eat in a cafeteria style place.  It's really like summer camp almost.  But they are learning and getting badges on lots of things.  It was fun to see his life over the last week.  And we look forward to having him home on Saturday morning!
 Special thanks to Aunt Kim and Uncle Randy and Cousins Danielle and Harrison for having Shelby over and picking her up from violin.  She ate like a queen (steaks!) and had fun playing dominoes. And we showed up in time for dessert (cookies and ice cream!) and to Loggy had fun playing fetch with the dog.  I think they both wore each other out.  And we also had fun trying to find our cousin, Alyssa a good cowboy :)  hee hee.  If anyone deserves a good guy, it's her!  

 Don't even ask what is going on here...Kev is cleaning up Lo's toilet issues :)

 My friend sent me pics of Ash and her adventures...they stopped at Rural King for popcorn. Yumm!
 LOL!  They are the best chicks! :)
 And I heard they had an awesome time at the pool...and then in the hot tub :) :)

I love summer....just doing what you going days. Just wish we had more down time to just sit and watch movies and do nothing...with daddy home.

On the Hays-front...I think she is doing well. Her cold is subsiding and she got an awesome 4 on her AP Bio exam (yay, college credit!) :) 

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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVED this post!! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful summer! Sleeping late, eating yummy food, going camping, going to sleepovers..clearing out old clothes...running, biking, LOVED Dylans great tent space and all the fun things at camp!! Brings back wonderful memories for me and camping!! GREAT times they all are experiencing!! Happy Sunner everyone!! We are having a fabulous one as well!!!The Blue Angels today were so awesome!! And Brookes swimming was so good!! I LOVE summer too!! :) Nina