Thursday, July 27, 2017

Happy 42nd to my Kev and the long trek to Boston!

Well, it was a less than perfect bday for my man, but as is always his demeanor, he has made the best of it!  I think he only got a few hours sleep and he was up at 430am rearing to go.  I on the other hand woke up late (note to self: do not set alarm at 130am when you need to get up 3hrs later.  I set my alarm for 430pm.  If only we could have slept that long.) So we left an hour later and have been driving ever since. We are about an hour from Boston. We did stop at an Ohio rest stop before lunch to sing to to the bday boy. We made him put on a big hat and he got lots of bday wishes from strangers. Every guy's wish!  A nice older couple even waved us over to their car to tell us how much they liked the hat and how they had started a bday hat tradition of wearing the same hat for family birthdays. Cute!  Kev just "loved" all the attention. Haha. That's what wives are for!  And we sang to him and lit up some white chocolate oatmeal bars.  Nothing like celebrating outside the public restrooms!  We tried to get him a cold coke that said my name on it but the vending machine was broken. He did get a nice lunch at a highway Chick-fil-A. It's not often you run across those and I know he liked it better than Wendy's. He enjoyed his chix, but forgot to get a celebratory shake.  And he forgot again at dinner. Though dinner was pretty sad. He had the weirdest looking fungus covered pizza.  Never seen yellow mushrooms before.  It claimed to be NYC pizza since we were in NY at the time, but manhattan pizza is way better!  So, not all that exciting of food and a 17 hr drive on a few hours sleep.  But at least he didn't have to work (though work might be better than a full day's drive?!).  But the bonus of the day was sitting next to his fav person all day. :) the drive has been uneventful and quiet. We only have Shelb and Dyl and they are easy going for the most part. Not bad traffic and little rain. Can't complain.  And we should be to our hotel in an hour. Excited to see our Hailey in class tomorrow and then in her Stars and Stripes performance later on. It's been a good, but fast summer for her in Boston. Many memories but lots of hard work!
Time to rest and hopefully sleep in tomorrow (for us, not Hailey...she can rest at the beach!).  Love you, bday boy, Kev, and see you soon, ballerina Hays! ❤️🎉😊🎂

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