Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 4th!

Quick recap of our lovely 4th!
 Good food...patriotic bfast...and lunch (pics later) and dinner... (even made red, white and blue scones for bfast. I liked them...not sure anyone else did)                                           
Ash and I walked in our last parade....bitter sweet :)  Bye bye girl scouts...

We saw these really cute/pretty spectators :) First time Kev has watched the parade and not walked it.
Weird missing two for the 4th...but we made the best of it...
yummy dinner...crazy Shelb!
Cute kids!
Dinner with our Besties!  Love them!  Though it was weird only having 8 of us...missing 5! :(

                                                E-ville fireworks. They were ok...but the crazy rednecks in front of us were shooting off fireworks at us. Kev spoke with them...not sure they understood the danger they were putting us in. Their fireworks barely missed us. Not to mention these awful junebugs that attacked us.  Fun times.
 Here's Shelb protecting herself from bugs.  The rest enjoyed the fireworks.
We only did 3 sparklers...saving the rest for when D returns on Saturday.
more pics later. Happy Independence Day!

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