Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Midweek blahs

Well, the day after a holiday (late night) is always a little tough.  Not sure why I scheduled a sport's physical for this day, but I did.  Shelb and I prob. would have slept in til almost lunch had we not had to get up and be somewhere. Oh well.  She put on a happy face.  Not sure the sibs were happy to join us....nor was Shelb excited to have them hanging with her at her appt.
But the appt was pretty quick since it was a PE only appt (for sports at school...which starts next Monday already...eeek).  The bummer thing is that she has to come back next week for a regular exam.  The timing is always like this it seems.
We meant to hit Tuesday Morning yesterday, but forgot after the parade. So today we stopped.  Shelb liked the pic of London they had. It would actually look pretty cool on her wall once we paint.
I love this painting.  It just speaks to me. If I have a choice someday I will live in a place like this. 
And I really love this butterfly pic. I think I might go back and get it.  Not for the dining room, but maybe the living room or somewhere to bring out the orange and blue accents in my house.
We think Nina and Pops need these by their pool.  Awesome!  They even swivel around, which is very fun!
Loggy wants these grabber hands every time he goes here!
We weren't looking for a gift for daddy for his 42nd bday coming up, but Ash felt this was the perfect gift for her aging father :)
Lo had me taking lots of pics of the things he wants for his birfday.  A submarine!  He was bummed they no longer had the Jake Pirate ship :(
Back home to practice violin and read. 
Then to the same ol' park as last drop Shelb off.  They played a little bit.  Just looking at this spinny thing makes me want to puke.  They love it!
Shelb met some of her core group friends and her leader and baby here to hang out.  This is such a sweet group of church girls.  So grateful for them!  So adorable seeing the big girls swinging with Elijah...who is almost 1.
Acrobatics on the bars :)  Ash was daring Logan to do things. He has no fear!
He told me this was the "red tornado"
Ash is very good at these things. I have no upper body strength so people that can do this always impress me.
The fastest we've ever done the library...5 minutes.  Had to go back and pick up Shelb from the park.
Back home for lazy time.  We were going to hit another park and practice volleyball, but Shelb was tired and I was feeling pretty icky.  I laid down for a bit and they chilled and watched ponies :)  I did catch Lo having a boogar.  His fav. snack!
They were not pleased with me was leftovers for lunch and leftovers for dinner. I am tired of wasting food. And tired of cooking too!  Actually Shelb is happy with the food. One bonus of England is it made her appreciate American food...even leftovers! :)  Ash and Lo didn't eat much today though. Maybe they need a trip to a foreign country?
I thought this was one of daddy's paycheck stubs, but I looked closer and saw it was for nice to get money from NYC ballet.
This week has kinda been a bummer getting back into violin. Not a bummer necessarily for Shelby who enjoys it, but it means we have have no free evening time yet again. She has a lesson every single day during or after dinner.  But we do appreciate Emily though!  She's a great teacher!
Plus she makes us laugh :)
A post-violin run!  She talked daddy into going. She was supposed to start training for XC last week, but couldn't in she started today.  They were going to get up early and go, but sleep was more imp. They paid for that tonight :) haha :)  I think I got this same pics by the garbage cans last year.  They had a "good run" and Shelb beat him. I hear he owes her money for every time he had to stop.  Go, Shelb! We shall see if she is a XC or Vball star. Won't know for a few weeks, so she'll be training for both at home and at school starting next week.
Her post-run smoothie....I'll trust her that it was good.
And as I was typing this post, I was holding this sweet boy's hand and he fell fast asleep beside me.  So sweet.  I hear ya' buddy...sleep is good! :)


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