Wednesday, July 12, 2017

More of the same....but making progress!

 Well, it was another day of the same. Except today we had to get up early and not enjoy a rainy sleep-in-10am morning.  I much prefer the latter.  But XC was calling Shelb's name. So off we went. School was hopping too!  Not sure what was going on, but there was no parking.  All I wanted to do was sit and make my list and write in some cards. Had to go to Kroger instead.
 I did get to see Shelb in action on the football field doing some relays. Which her team won. She was happy.  But boy oh boy was it hot and humid. I notice it more with a car with no a/c.
 She was tired. Only ran a mile, but the relay stuff was exhausting. I'm impressed daily with her drive to do things.  I will be a little bummed if she ends up giving up XC.  We shall see if she makes the V-ball team.  Only 10 make it.  That's not very many.
 And back home to do the same.  I wasn't going to attempt to get rid of toys today, but they have overcome our bedroom and I needed them out of the house before someone put them back in his room. He was not happy to see his trains going, but I reassured him that we still had all his wooden ones and most of his electric. 
 Giving me the sad eyes....they work more on daddy than me :)
 Saying our goodbyes to the Swan Lake Barbie Castle.  I really didn't think consignment would take a 12 year old toy, but it was all still intact and working.  So many memories in this sweet little castle. I remember trying to get it off Ebay when Hailey was so into Barbies. It was our first time dealing with Ebay...and our last. Didn't work out.  I think Shopping Sharon helped find this.  I don't remember all the details, but I know Hailey loved it.  And then the girls loved it. And now Lo.  He mostly likes the Swan Lake music (I think it reminds him of his Hailey :)).  At any rate, there will be no more Barbies in our house...and now some little girl in town can enjoy this :)  It served us well :)
 YAY!  He talked daddy into letting him keep his mini Little People cars and of his fav. toys from Auntie Mary a long time ago. He usually loses all the pieces, but he loves this toy when he has all the pieces!
 She organized the tv area for me...thanks, Shelb...she's my organizer!
 Bless Kev for taking this all to Once Upon a Child and Goodwill (tomorrow).  I don't mind Goodwill, but OUaC I can't stomach.  I have only been there a couple times and it makes my stomach turn to watch people rummage through my stuff.  Plus it often smells like dirty diapers.  But Kev is good about taking our unwanted clutter.  We made almost $200 this week on toys and clothes. Not too bad (but considering we have two cars that need fixing that is chump change)....going to save this and restart...just lots this whole blog once...don't want it to happen again....
She was very excited to "run" with daddy today.  She rode her bike, while he ran.  I think she mostly wanted to do it to wear her new running shirt. She's my fashionista!
Wasn't going to tackle this, but had was tripping me up and making me crazy!  Couldn't even see the floor. 
Ewww!  Green buns!  They weren't even that old!  Totally gross. Honestly I am shocked there wasn't more of this kind of thing in there.  Usually we have potatoes growing things or other weird old items.
I put them to work sorting candy....some from Valentine's day.  Ugh.  Too much candy.  They cut it down to one small container per kid.
Who knew I needed a sprinkle organizer! She even made one with multi sprinkles like sand art!
Done!  Not as clean as I would like to do. (but I only had half a day)  at least you can see the floor!
We officially finished off the sumo sized Sam's Club frosting! Yumm!  It helped me make a lot of cakes and cupcakes this year!
Now to tackle the awful closet in the living room!  Lo found his hat right away!  Score!
He also found a bday gift of Ashley's that she didn't really use.  He loved it. Mini balls!
Break time!  LOL!  Shelb the musician, Ash the dancer, Lo the climber and D the sideline cheerer! :)
It's almost county fair time...and we just found our old fair stuff in the closet.  Talk about way behind on cleaning!  They were excited to find their fair money winnings still in the sealed envelopes!
Lost in the mess!
YAY!  Bonus...we found our tripod piece!  We were considering buying a new one for our pictures on the this was great timing!
I had this idea to make a fun British meal.  Well, it didn't start or end well.  This is most definitely smoke coming from our oven.  I wasn't burning the meal....but it did spill over and smoke was everywhere!  Nice.  I am shocked our smoke alarms didn't go off.
LOL...Ash ran for the windows...Lo covered his face!
But the meal survived.  No one was excited about that I think.  But I thought it turned out ok.
I was going to make Shepherd's pie, but have never cooked this was our compromise.  Cottage pie (ground beef)
I thought it was pretty good!  No one else did (maybe daddy)
I made them all try it (it's our new try a new/possibly foreign meal once a month)...and then I let them have leftover pizza.  This is Ashley's relieved face :)    
Can we get any more dramatic, boys?  Lo refused to eat all together.  Dylan gagged. He still has texture issues with mashed potatoes...but I didn't even make him eat those.  It was just beef and carrots.  Oh well...I tried. 
We did find a very old fav. toy...the Aquadoodle! Not even sure they sell these anymore, but Hailey used to love it!  L and A do now too!
So excited we can see the floor in our closet. Ash is happy bc if there is a tornado we will now have a place to run to :)  Hmmm...not sure many of us can fit in here! :)
LOL!  Back from violin and boy scouts...and apparently needing to use the bathroom.  Too funny!  Daddy was awesome to take over taxi service tonight so I could finish cleaning downstairs.
And our final box of declutter for now.  This pretty much says it all.  I have sorted through the most interesting things that Dylan keeps.  Post-its that he made into mini envelopes....countless legos...countless nerf darts (I thought we had lost them all, but we found probably 100)...and dum dum wrappers...maybe a 100 of those too.  He collected them last year.  This kid.

But we are making progress and we will definitely need to do this every summer.  I hate wasting sunny days, but the freedom of mind when it's done is worth it.  One more day of cleaning and then our friends arrive...and in a week Nina and Pops!  YAY!

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Nancy Gritter said...

GREAT JOB everyone!! Its looking good!! It does free your mind doesnt it??? Thats great you made oney off some of your stuff!! YIPPEE!! See ya soon, enjoy your friends!! Mom