Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nina and Pops have arrived at Hotel Steg!

Hotel Steg has welcomed new arrivals...Nina and Pops! YAY!
They arrived shortly after our friends pulled out of our driveway.  YAY for Nina and Pops!  We love them!

 Always big hugs for/from them!
 first thing on the agenda...checking out Pops' top notch coin collection.  D was pretty happy :)
 They jumped right into things with the kids...bball with D.  Pops put him in his place.  He wallopped him on a couple games of PIG and HORSE.  Poor D.  He was all high and mighty after beating me in PIGGIES yesterday.
 Sometimes we don't ask about Lo...he built himself his own helicopter :)
 Pops played his first Wii game...and he a landslide...he's the Wii bowling king!  Again, D was bummed.  He thought he had Pops beat in bball and Wii. 
 Pops is a man of many hidden talents :)
 Go, Pops!  He wasn't too shy about his celebratory strikes!
 LOL...making sure Nina is comfy cozy :)
 And she promptly fell asleep. Can't blame her.  I think she is actually more tired than me after only sleeping a couple hours last night. 
 Making a tent under Nina's feet is great fun :) 
 Off to first soccer eval...Nice looking oranges boys.
Some miscommunication about boy never figured out where to go...he was bummed.  He loves scouts.
 so darn cute running and doing his drills :)
He was super concentrated on getting that ball around the cones.
 Nice, Lo!  And daddy running the eval drill.  He is also going to try his hand at coaching...he's got lots of old soccer skillz to share :)
 Since D couldn't do scouts, he helped with the soccer evals. :)
 A successful violin night :)  And two playdates with the same bestie she's at a sleepover there.  She's waited all summer to see this friend. She was happy it finally worked out.
 So grateful Nina and Pops are here!  They make us happy.  And Ash had a fun night going out to Red Robin with just her and them.  Lucky girl!

And a couple pics from this morn...bye, bye Cami and family...great having you here for 5 days!  Lots of great memories, smiles and laughter made :)  We needed that!  Goodbye til next time we see you in FL!

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