Sunday, July 23, 2017

No day of rest-Sunday

 A few not-in-order pics of our Sunday.  The guys worked pretty hard...not sure the rest of us did a whole lot of anything compared to them...Here's a few pics of the day....Kev jumped on this idea of molding for our dining room when I mentioned it the other night.  I wasn't intending for it to be done any time soon, but the best way to get something done is with handyman Pops around!  They moved quickly on this project!
After a busy morning at church, helping in Logan's preschool room, violin with our pianist, and Nina and Pops taking D and S out for lunch....we settled into home improvement and fair mode.  While the guys worked hard....the kids worked on their fair projects. We won't actually be here fo any of the fair this year, which is a bummer...but we are here in the nick of time to enter stuff.  Just no food stuff this year...also a bummer.  The boys were busily painting...Shelb was doing some abstract paint in the yard...and Ash was inside finishing hers up.  Even Hailey will enter a photo again.
Dessert...cherry pie! Yumm!!!  Hit the spot!
Boys hard at work!
These boys hard at work too...they made this cool double race track that shoots cars into a contained area made by blocks. 
Making progress!
Paying the sibs to teach Logan this summer.  I think they are enjoying it!  
 Someone's been having nightmares and apparently they are about his "mean brother"  So he's been sleeping on the floor in the girls' room
 Always going through our spare coins  We have a table set up in the sunroom now so he and Pops can check out coins every day.
 He only needs 4 more state quarters in his collection!
 First pic from this morning....just tape up at this point.
 Shelby did a lot of sitting around today.  Nina and Loggy did puzzles :)
 Shelby's abstract paint shirt :)
 She added a hand print at the last minute...reminds me of the volleyball in that one island movie.
 Then it poured all over her artwork and shirt...doesn't she look like she has double faces here! lol :)
 Thankfully the saw was in the garage bc it really downpoured!
 Deciding about what Lego to enter in the fair.  Nina helped.
He loves learning from his teacher sibs!        
And I got some wonderful pics of Hailey today...and her 3 SAB friends (2 are her roommates this summer in Boston).  So nice of her teacher to take these yesterday of the Boston SAB girls :).  I think I can share them...but no time tonight.  Sleep is calling my name before my early morning cross country wake up!

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