Sunday, July 2, 2017

No rest for the weary...Dyl off to BS camp! Us off to Indy for Gma's 90th! And seeing Sue Sue on her bday!

A busier day than we had hoped.  It was supposed to be our "down day" to recover from England (not meant to be).  Someone needed that....
 We did let her sleep in.  It was nice to have her bed occupied again. We have missed this girl.  I think this is the same pose she was in last night when we said goodnight, so I don't think she moved a muscle. She was exhausted!
 This guy cracks me up continuously.  Here is his "special day" bfast from yesterday...repeated again today bc he had leftovers.  He promptly choked on this shortly after this pic.  We kinda failed at his special day yesterday bc I was preoccupied getting stuff done for Shelby.  So I technically owe him half a day.  He's easy going about it :)
 We let this guy sleep in too.  Normally he is up and rearing to go.  He needs his sleep though bc he now has 6 days of camping in the great outdoors and last time it was only 3days of wilderness and he slept for like 2 days after.  So...we skipped church. Not our original plan, but we just couldn't force it today and the later service wasn't an option bc of camp.
 We made Shelb and All-American bfast....I thought about making crumpets, but was pretty sure she'd prefer this.
 Realizing there is no way we are going to get his boy scout badge prep done.  Story of our lives. Always last minute.  And Dyl is not the king of self-motivation.
 We did it....we added a clone head to the clone fam!  Ash was proud and ready to show it off!  That'll teach this boy to sleep in! ha!
 I'm not sure if he was happy or not-so-much.
 I think in the end he was pretty ok we decided to clone him and remember him in his camping absence :)
 I mean, who wouldn't want a giant cardboard head that looks like this handsome guy!
 He is a cutie :) :)
 And a little goofy too :)
 Final normal non-camp bfast for the week!  Thumbs up!
 Rise n shine British sleephead!
 Investigating the garden that is being eaten by backyard bunnies :(
 Up and eating...wanted to do it in front of the tv...she got used to that in England.  I guess it was their way. 
 We took the Lo-man to Walmart with us.  He was supposed to go the day before and pick out a lil something special...but we ran out of time. This time he wasted no time getting to the Paw Patrols!
 It was really tough picking out his fav...really tough.
 He wanted everyone to know that he wants this for his "birfday" in 6 months! :)
 And he was proud to take this special Chase home!
 And this kid....he was off to his first week-long boy scout camp at Camp Maumee (I think that's how you spell it?)  We just dropped him at the Moose Lodge by our house and didn't make the 45 min trek to the camp. 
 Off he went...
 Well sorta...first he hadn't put his uniform had to do that...then daddy had to help him get his proper physical papers handed in bc they were incomplete before.
 Looking spiffy!  And ready to not have mom take a pic of him for a week!
 His group...can't remember the name or maybe it was a number...but I think there were only 6 of them?
 Here's how we left him (can you spot him?)  We'll see how dirty he comes home this time.  Last time he was head to toe filth and it was only a few days.  We do get to see him Thursday night for dinner at the camp for family night.  Fun!
 LOL!  Wowzers do our kids look cool with this Steg sleeping trait!  Mouth and both eyes open.  Off to Indy... Grandma Stegemoller's 90th bday celebration.  I give the family credit for planning a party in less than 24hrs.  They pulled it off. I was a little bummed they changed it from the original August date when she actually turns 90, bc then Hailey and Dylan would have been there, but this made more sense with family town from CO.  Though we missed the surprise bc we had to take D to camp...and we missed seeing half the family and missed half the party/open house. But it was still fun.  Lo downed almost a whole can of orange soda and had fun showing his tongue off to Ethan and Poppy!
 Love that gma has such a nice gathering place for parties. We've had a few parties there.  I didn't take many pics bc most of the family was gone and most of the food/cake was eaten by the time we got there, but the Olive Garden catering was yummy and we got to take some home for tomorrow's lunch too!  Bonus! :)
 I don't know how old grandma was here, but I think I see her in Shelby...the eyes....or nose...maybe the mouth?
 Lo liked the "blimp" balloon :)

 He was also a big fan of the cupcakes :)  Good ol' Sam's Club!
 I think grandma looks awesome for being almost 90!
 A nice pic...should have brought our two missing clone heads...and I think Lo was on a sugar low after his soda/cupcake high :)
 Happy bday to Sue Sue! We stopped by to see her and wish her a happy day...and had fun playing with her kitties and seeing all her animals outside.  Wish we could have seen her little deer.
 Since Shelb took so many pics of her British food, I am taking a pic of her first meal back at our house....all she wanted was Chinese. So on the way home we stopped in Ellettsville and got this. It was actually pretty good.  She was happy :)
 Though she started to turn real quirky/tired at this point. It was however, midnight England time so that might excuse her. She totally didn't remember handing me a bunch of sauces for her dinner...totally denied even picking those out bc she only likes soy.
LOL!  He she is demonstrating how tired she was.  The good ol' Shelby sleep look...I guess she did this in London too and her friend got a pic.  :) :)                                      
And I think someone is lonely tonight w/o his brother around.  He is camped out in the girls' room. They don't mind. Shelby said if it's one thing she learned to appreciate in England it's having a big family...she went from 7 to 2 and now she's back to only 5, but it's good. A good day...a full day....but looking forward to a slower one tomorrow.  Was going to paint bc Kev has the day off, but are cleaning this filthy of a house instead.

And our New Englander...she had a good day I think. She watched a sermon online, did some homework for her online classes, went to the pool, talked to use twice on facetime and then went out to frozen yogurt.  I think she's enjoying her weekends.  Yesterday she was busy too and went and watched an outdoor movie. Honestly she's gotten out more in a week in Boston than a year in NYC.  J/K...but it does seem Boston is more of her type of city....

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Anonymous said...

Loved this post with all the news and pics of everyone! Bet Dylan is having a blast at camp...saw gorgeous pics of Hailey on Facebook, loved the 90th bday pics of Grandmas awesome celebration! Wow, Shelby definitely looks like her Grandma! That's amazing! And very cool!
Looks like Shelby is getting caught up on her sleep and Logee is going to miss his bro! Enjoy your week! ❤️😁 Nina