Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our Dyl is Baaaack! :)

Our missing oldest boy is baaaack!   YAY for that! We missed his sweet, goofy personality in our home for a week.  But he had the best time camping and learning and having fun.  He accomplished 4 boy scout badges and has 2 more almost accomplished.  He worked hard! And he endured some icky weather too.  He actually came home fairly rested (more than the 3 day camp earlier this summer, he said)....maybe bc he had a platform tent and a cot.  He said his fav. part of the whole thing was the swimming! was so good to see his face again and have him home.   The kids welcomed him with open arms and a surprise at the back door.  And we had square donuts and some goodies waiting for him. He had a 2nd bfast and never even at lunch.  Then a nice shower, tick check...and organizing his clothes in prep for the bedroom reorganization tomorrow. It was his choice for dinner (Pizza X) and an ice cream sundae bar to celebrate his a lil' belated 4th of July celebration with pop its and sparklers...and a movie and popcorn.  A full day...a late night.  Thus, why I am posting this late.  So good to have our 4 kids back in our home.  Only for a night though...Ash leaves tomorrow :(
And the rest of our day was full of shopping for Kev and I...trying to find a  painting for our dining room. I found one...the one I liked before at Tuesday Morning.  The beach just calls to me.  This one sorta reminds me of our honeymoon in Jamaica.  And who wouldn't want to be reminded of that?! :)  But I stink at decorating.  It stresses me.  I just want someone to do it for me...curtains, furniture, pictures on the wall, etc. And to do it cheaply!
Now trying to finish up our movie...I long for more hours in the day....night night....





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Anonymous said...

Welcome home Dyl! Looks like they missed ya ALOT!!! Nice yummy food to come home to! :) sounds like a fun week for you at overnight camp! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 😍😘 Nina