Saturday, July 22, 2017

Our fav violinist

She did great today.  Pics to prove it :)
 A little bit of sass before the big performance :)                                                

 Go, Shelb!  You rocked that intensive music!
 A little giddy after the long 2 hour show (and 2 hr practice beforehand)...she needed some Maltesers to get her through! (her fav. English candy that apparently our Kroger has :))
 Was this Pops' first concert?  Forgot to ask.  But so grateful he was there!
 So nice to have Nina and Poppy Stegs there too!
 And this is what we get for our nice pic...the chipmunk Shelby.  Super.
 Great pic of Nina and Shelb by the fountain.  Two violinists and their shared violin :) 
 Just missing our Bostonian.  She's had a few pics by this fountain herself :)
 Celebratory froyo....the cup says it all! :)
 Thanks, Nina and Pops! OG dinner really hit the spot!!
 For Hailey....bc I know she missed seeing this in person :)
Truly the best violinist (at least Steg one!).  Love this girl and so proud of how hard she worked this last month....even missing a week of the intensive.  She was awesome as always!  Go, Shelb!

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