Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our world traveler returns home!

 A few updated pics...but more later.  Shelb is home!!!  And here is her first reentry into our family. :) Of course we had to bombard her with a posterboard welcome and her cardboard head....and Dylan even amped it up a little with a party blower from the family 1st bday party were at before this.  Nice!  She was most enthused to see us....she almost blew by us like our New Yorker does. But she stopped for a hug :)
 Proof for Hailey that she is not the only person that we embarrass at the airport!
 I should have brought in the Hailey clone was in the van...but we are almost complete again....for a day.
She was wiped out to say the least. Their plane was over an hour delayed (needed a new tire)...and it was about 2am British she hadn't slept much in about 30 hours.  Tired is an understatement.
 She perked up a little at home.  We made her some good American she had
Wendy's chili and a Frosty in the van ride home.  She was happy.  But probably mostly happy to be resting back in her own bed tonight. Sleep will be sweet tonight.


Our fav world traveler is back in the USA and back in our home. Pics to come...but so grateful for this trip she was blessed with, the friends she bonded with, and the memories she will have forever!

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