Monday, July 24, 2017

Pops is awesome!

Enough said!  He worked his rear off today.  I hope he takes a break tomorrow. We appreciate him!   Pics later :)
 A few updated pics...up early for XC.  I love how they gather at the BMS flagpole :)
 Shelby did great...her foot is no longer hurting...and she didn't stop on her 2.5mile run.
 Proof of Pop's awesomeness...Shelb even helped with cleanup.
 I think it's looking awesome...and Pops is no spring chicken, so I know this took a lot of his energy today.  And I don't even think I heard him blurt out a bad word.  He might have mumbled one or two under his breath, but he kept pretty quiet (quiet for Pops that is :))...though the girls were worried about him and his sighing and disheveled look :)
 Shucking corn...that's what you do in Indiana!
 First to be packed.  She was a little overwhelmed so Nina helped her. They did a great job. Now she can relax the next 2 days.
 Funny part of our day.  Vball in the house.  She is trying to get used to using knee pads. D helped.
 I think D had more fun than she did :)
 More interesting
 Yikes, Shelb!  And sweet Nina and Lo in the background doing puzzles. :)
 Still at it.  Good ol' Pops!  It was a lot of caulking...too much really.
 half asleep
 But she perked up and played her 1 hour of violin.
 Nina's great...digging right in with the boy fun :)  Lots of puzzles...and cars.
 They built a new magnatile fort at the end today.
 Still working on that overhand serve...but it's getting better every day!  I know I couldn't do an overhand serve when I was 13.  Gotta start doing those pushups, Shelb!
 I came home to Ash outside painting with Nina....and D had gone to the bank to get more coins...pennies and quarters. He now only needs 3 more state quarters...Missouri, Washington, and Colorado! 
 I forgot to bring her a snack after vball and before violin....but Nina had pity on her and stopped at DQ really quick since we were in their rental (and not in our non-ac'd car)  Yumm...DQ ice cream!
 Final summer lesson with Emily.  Now Shelby officially gets a 2 week break from violin.  Nice!  Working on her new solo.  A long one.
 Someone might have fallen sleep. zzzzzz  She said she was just resting her eyes and listening to the music, but I saw her lean against the piano.  I think she was almost snoring.  Love you, sleepy Nina!
 Nina was caught up in watching bunnies...she doesn't see them much in FL. :)
 Quick library stop. Her reading program is officially done and she's entered to win a drone or a fun doodle 3 D thing.  We'll see if she wins this year!
 She always keeps us on our toes :)  It is not uncommon for her to wear Hailey's old heels at the dinner table. Today she wore them with her vball socks.  Attractive.
 Our delicious dinner...and some sass behind it :)
 In trouble for not heels til school starts.  Bummer.
 Neverending hugs for Nina.
 Nina and Pops were awesome helping Shelb with dishes.  She was overwhelmed and a little mad I was making her do them.
 our own ice cream sandwich dessert.  yummy :)
 Still doing puzzles in the evening...
 ...and cars.
 2nd person to get packed...nice!
 Getting ready for Pops to paint the room.  Stuff off the walls and floor.
 Love this. I know it's blurry, but they were cracking up...over a pic of Ash in Hailey's bikini and posing with her clone years ago.  Too funny :)  Cherish those smiles :) :)  Love my family!

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