Sunday, July 9, 2017

Slowly getting stuff done

 A busier than wanted Sunday...violin after church with our wonderful pianist.....she's such an encourager.  Cheering Shelby on with her new solo...telling her to play with gusto!  I agree.  And look at the sweet doggy (Lady) that joined us. So cute :)  She is dog sitting for her daughter...and this dog understands Dutch...since her daughter lives in Europe.
 Time to switch the boys' room around!  Bye Bye bunk beds!
 The boys were very helpful!
 Lo went a little crazy with the big duster!
 Daddy did too :)
 He has a great obsession with tying things to things.
 With every clean sweep comes a mess first...this is our disaster.  Ugh, driving me nuts!
 Our special surprise dinner!  Ash gets first glimpse!
 Remember the old tv dinners?  Kev and I had a fond memories of them and since Shelb seemed to eat dinners in front of the tv on a tray in England, we picked these up as a fun family night.  Check out all those goodies!  I remember those microwaved apples.  Yumm!
 So excited about the meal! lol :)  Steg 1st annual tv dinner night!  Hailey sure missed out!
 Ready to eat our dinners in front of the tv.  Wish we had our old tv tables.  But the ottomon worked.  Watched Mary Poppins goal for summer was to watch a few oldie but goody movies and the library was out of the Wizard of Oz.  This worked good though bc most of the kids hadn't seen it and it was set in London!
 Not loving the weird Star Wars cookies from the dinner.  D was not a fan of the salisbury steak either.
 Someone loved her chicken pot pie...and her berry pie. She ate all of both and then a bowl of ice cream. She's a growing girl!                       
 Poppy brought us a new sweeper. Lo was excited. He loves to sweep!
 Someone was soooo ready to get out of our house and over to Nina and Poppy's! She cannot wait to watch cousin Ethan tomorrow!  She has looked forward to this for weeks!  Plus she gets special time with Nina and Poppy.
 She left us in her dust...bye Ash!
 Out like a light during Mary Poppins!
 Enjoying the rest of our tv dinner/movie night!
Our sad garden....worms on our green beans...which are deformed anyway.
Daddy tending his sad garden.  Which needs a fence around it to ward off the bunnies eating our lettuce!
Evening volleyball!
There was a pretty sky to watch :)
She's getting the hang of it.  V-ball open gym starts Tuesday!
Soooo sleepy!

 Ready to race!
 A late night run.  Not the ideal time to run (bugs in mouth and eyes, bats dive bombing us and two skunks crossing our paths)...but a pretty sunset and neat fireflies!  Go, Shelb!  XC starts early tomorrow morn.  Fun, fun!
 D and daddy joined us too...can you spot them in the dusk.  D is actually an awesome runner.  He beat us all! Go, Dyl!
 Can you see the fireflies in the field?

Night, boys...they love their new room!  More pic of it tomorrow. I forgot to take some today....

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! TV dinners! Did I serve them years ago or was it Grandma Fergie? Wasn't it chicken and corn and apples? I recall the Salisbury steak had a not so good flavor, I agree Dyl! I love the boys bedroom like that! That is awesome! I didn't know Dylan was good at running! And yay Shelby! Be bold in your violin playing! Mom sent me a video and you were awesome in your solo! Keep working! You are amazing! Can't wait to get there! See ya next week ! Xoxo Nina