Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Still clearing the clutter...but at least we got free Chicken at Chickfila Day!

 A very laid back morning. D was up early....before 7am, I think. He was trying to get his chores done and making a racket in the laundry room organizing books.  Woke me out of a dead sleep.  I told him to go watch tv.  He had no problem obeying. A storm blew in and it was so dark out...Shelb and I didn't wake up til almost 10am. Yikes. Never meant to sleep that long.  But the boys enjoyed their 3 hours of tv time.  They usually only get 1hr!
 Sometimes rainy days are good.  This was one of them.
 Lo's first job of the day was organizing puzzles.  Finding out which ones had missing pieces.  He stepped up to the challenge!
 Dyl organized our whole book shelf in the laundry room.
 Shelb stepped up and helped with harder puzzles.  D had to reroute books...we again are overflowing with books. This isn't a bad thing, but we just don't have room :(
 It was the big day of chicken! Chickfila day!  I wanted to make some reuseable costumes this year.  Thumbs up from Lo...his costume was the first to be done!
 D wasn't as excited about the costume, but he loves free chicken!
 All done!  Even Hailey got a cow head!  Can't leave her out!  Shelb was obviously excited about the evening dinner plans and costumes!
He was a trooper cleaning for me...even sweeping.  The new red sweeper is a big draw to helping out now with the floors!  Thanks, Nina and Poppy!
He found some books he had missed apparently :)
Cello time!  Trying to learn new songs on his own over the weekend.
So dark and dreary...but it kept us in all day to do our decluttering so that was good!
Back to Dicks to get black knee pads.  Then off to her first volleyball open gym. I took a couple pics of her at school, but somehow they got deleted?
The boys were supposed to be sorting the bins downstairs, but I think they watched more tv than anything.
He found all his missing magnatiles.  He was one happy boy building an elevator!  You know he's happy and really concentrating when his tongue is out! lol! ;)
Knock knock!  Nina and Ash are back!!  Hugs from Lo!
They came bearing gifts for all!
Pizza, two donuts for the brothers...and a candy for each of them...plus a new umbrella for Shelb!
Ash loved her time at Nina and Poppy's...just special one on one time.  She needed that.  They went shopping today at Shoe Carnival and Target and had lunch at Red Robin(she had my fav. grilled cheese!)...and even some Starbucks.  She was one happy girl!  
  And she loved her time helping babysit cousin Ethan yesterday.  I should have had her take a pic....but I found this one from last weekend.  She loves this little 1 year old!  And she is a big helper!
Back to pick up Shelb at volley ball...still raining.  She said the first open gym went ok. She wants to really work on her serve.  The coach was so sweet and said she could come in early and practice next time.  It's so hard to practice volleyball in the yard like we've been doing.  But I'm proud of her for trying and working so hard at this.  She is one determined girl!                                    
Time for free Chikin!  Can you spot D?  Sneaky cow!
The line wasn't as long as we thought it'd be...which was good bc we only had like 20mins to wait and eat and get Shelb to violin!
Cutest hubby cow ever! I know he hates dressing up...he was a trooper...anything for free chikin!
Not too shabby of a cow couple :)
Waiting for a table...
Found one! 
And bonus...we got our own table across from them...kinda like a date!  Nice!
Off to violin...but at least she got free ice cream before she went!
He doesn't like Chickfila chicken, but he loves their fries and especially their ice cream!
Someone is fascinated by the new sensor trash compactor!  Simple joys!
Thanks, Chickfila!  You gave us a great free dinner!
A tired violinist...but she rocked her solo.  Go, Brahms!
Practicing a new Vivaldi solo!  And chatting about a possible Michigan violin intensive next summer.  What fun that would be!
And although she missed out on free chicken...she did get her free 7-11 slurpee!  We realized on the way home from violin that we have one 7-11 in Bloomy. Never knew it! But we were too full and tired after Chickfila to stop. 

A full day....and now watching Patriots Day.  Thought it'd be a fun movie about Boston, but didn't know it was about the Marathon bombing.  Never the best time to watch a movie like that when your daughter is there....

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Anonymous said...

Yay for free chicken! You all looked so cute! Way to go, diligently decluttering each day! Dylan the book organizer! Good job Dyl! Looks like Ash had a wonderful time! New clothes and shoes, WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL ASK FOR! Keep trying Shelby, you will get better and better at volleyball and me and Pops can't wait to hear you play! Good to see our Boston girl too! See ya soon! 😍❤️Nina