Saturday, August 19, 2017

A great Michigan adventure!

I'll try to post more tomorrow about our trip, but so thankful we went..and that we could get an awesome Calvin tour, see old friends, see old stomping grounds and see the beautiful sights...even went to Grand Haven today. We made the best of our 24ish hrs in Michigan and even stopped at Notre Dame on our way home. 30 more mins and we'll be settled back into our crazy routine.  Glad we had a mini reprieve the last 2days!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Running on empty

Not enough hours in the day. Starting another preschool today, another open house tonight, coin club, cleaning for Nina and pops to stay here, college essays, and leaving for Grand Rapids in 7 hrs.  Plus still sick. Oh so much fun!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

sick and tired if I wasn't sleep deprived enough...add on being sick.

No pics to share...we are up late working on college essays.  Oh joy!

Calvin and CCU are on the visit list in the next week....Hays is a traveling fool! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Last lazy day home for Lo...and Tommy Turtle's Steg vacation ends

A few snaps of the day.  It was officially Lo's last lazy day home for the school year. From now on he will be a full-time preschooler, which honestly is the same as what Hailey did in Kindergarten (since she was a half dayer). I feel a little robbed of my time with him, but there is nothing I can do. He needs the speech help MWF (new preschool) and the socialization TTh (old preschool). We made the best of our day at home (last day he can sleep in and say he is bummed about this, is an understatement...he loves his sleep and pj/chips and cheese time as much as me).  Bummer.  We do love having our Hailey home with us. She went to the playground and played hide n seek.  She was a good hider and seeker!  And the Tommy Turtle adventure ends.  It was fun having a pet turtle for 2 days, but it was time he went back to turtle haven at the "turtle pond".  He was a sweet turtle and it was so cute to see him swim off this evening. He must have found a relative right away bc they were swimming with each other and playing.Then he came over and stuck his head out of the water as to say goodbye to Shelby.  I think his Steg home vacation made him appreciate his scummy home :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

19 years of lovin' and livin' with my Kev! ❤️🎉

 I love this guy...more than anything.  Sometimes it seems like time has stood still and we are newlyweds...other times it seems we've been married forever.  19 years and counting... :)  Wouldn't want to tackle the craziness of this world with anyone else!  I'm one lucky/blessed wife!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Our Sunday

A busy Sunday....but my phone just died and this is all I could download before it did.  We had a lovely cookout at Sue Sue's this evening with all the fixins and lots of outdoor fun.  Kids loved it.  Thanks, Sue Sue and Nina and Pops!  My goal is to at least post a pic a day.  Probably not a realistic goal, but I can check it off the list for today. :)  Now bracing for a busy week....Nina and Pops leave tomorrow :(, our anniversary, Senior pics for Hays, open houses for the kids, new school x 2 for Logan and a very quick trip with Hays to MI to tour our alma mater.  Busy, busy, busy...too busy.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A blog less school year?

I think my blogging days have come to an end. :(. It's just not something I have the energy for at the end of the day. Sleep or cuddling up next to my hubby is more imp. Having a laptop on my lap impedes that. So far now it's blog break time.  But we did have a nice day. Too busy for my liking but that IS our life.  We survived our first day of coaching 8 four year olds in soccer, had a afternoon fishing at the lake (Lo caught the biggest fish with Pops' help and expected to be paid a $1 for it). We had a fun GS pool party, wings for dinner, a sleepover for Shelby and a party for Dylan.  And it's close to midnight yet again. Story of our lives. We do love having Nina and pops here!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

TGIF but wishing for a slower weekend

I'm glad this week is over.  And today was stressful switching Logan at two preschools and him taking the bus home for the first time.  My heart can't take much more tugging.  Just wish we didn't have a team of 4yr old soccer players to plan for. Not probably the best season of life to be coaching.  But we will persevere on little sleep.  Busy week, busy day, but we made it.  Phew.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


So so tired and we're only on day 2 of the school year.  Heaven help me.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back 2 School!

That day has come...and we made it. Nuff said!  This mama is worn out on so many levels.  Off to bed I go....more later....maybe. :)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Last day of summer

Boo hoo.  Sad.  But too tired to post.  Great time with Nina and pops at the waterfall park though. Not ready for summer to end. :(

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Home and sick

We are home.  

More than half of us are sick.  

Great way to start the school year.  

We were up early in WV just to get a jump on traffic since it was so bad yesterday. I had a feeling Dylan was off when he hardly ate any bfast.  And this place had the best bfast. Not only all the normal stuff, but chocolate sauce for making choc. milk and whipped cram for waffles.  You never see those two things at hotels. I was even happy :).  But Dyl ate none of it.  He said he was cold and wanted to go. Sure enough, tonight he has a fever.  Went to bed at 6pm. Three of the others have stuffy noses.  I can't eat much.  Kev has been spared so far and Hays just had a cold in Boston so she's ok now.  But our van ride back was a snot fest.  Fun.  We rolled into town about when we thought after stopping for lunch. Had to stop at the fairgrounds first to get our big fair winnings.  Loggy was so excited about his champion purple ribbon.  It was the cutest thing. He was waving it all around and dancing.  The lady at the fair told him what a big deal that was.  That helped with his pride :) He was even more thrilled by his $1 for winning!  Lol!  Money is the way to his heart!  Then finally home.  Unpacked, vacuumed the beach out of our van and settled in--laundry, dishes, seeing Nina and Poppy again who dropped off half a car load of our stuff, fish tank cleaning, homework for Hailey (she's plugging away at precalculus), an easy fend for yourself dinner, Hailey took Shelb running (while she biked) and daddy went into work bc our wifi isn't working so he couldn't work from home (thus why I can't post pics).  Stinks.  I worked with Loggy on speech stuff (didn't do it all summer, but better late than never!) and Ash helped me look through old school supplies.  Tomorrow we do our back to school shopping (if Dyl's better).  Tonight was early bedtime.  Summer being over stinks. Being sick on your last days of summer stinks more. Here's to healthier days ahead.  

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hotel bound, not home bound :(

Well even the best laid plans aren't always meant to be.  Should have been home soon but instead we are in Charleston, WV at a hotel.  We got s slightly late start, but that was no big deal.  We got lost a couple times.  Again, no big deal.  But about 45mins into our trip our engine started to smoke and smell bad.  We pulled over quickly and could tell something exploded.  Thankfully there was a full service place across the street so we pulled over there. Thankfully they could fix it. It was our coolant hose--fairly easy to fix.   There was really nothing around the area to do, so the kids played in the parking lot and I took some of them to Belk to shop for school clothes.  It was nice of Nina and Poppy to stick with us.  They helped amuse the kids and had half of our stuff in their vehicle.  Over an hour later we were on our way.  Traffic was pretty horrendous though.  I think half the USA was on their way home from the Outer banks. And the back roads we took were not fun.  I was getting nauseous and having migraines, and some of the kids were complaining about feeling sick too.  After extra stops and more traffic we realized it'd be 2am before we got home and we didn't want a repeat of the Reste Motel. So we decided to stop with Nina and Poppy.  So we're nestled in a Country Inn and Suites.  Brings back memories of about 19 years ago when we were getting all our wedding guests settled at one in Grand Rapids. A nice homey place with fresh baked cookies, a pool and hot tub.  The kids are happy.  We're showered and watching Disney.  Two kids are in with Nina and Poppy so only one on the floor for once.  And ready to get rolling early so we can get home.  So thankful to not be driving 4 more hours now.  Bed is better!  Night!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Last day OIB :(

A great last day!  The rain actually never really hit and we ended up with a really nice day. We didn't get moving til right before lunch. And decided to hit the far end of the island to look for shells since some wanted more to add to their collection for the shell contest.  It was really pretty at the beach we ended up at and we could see Holden beach from there.  It was low tide and there were lots of puddles of Loggy's fav root beer water!   We had fun looking for shells, but not much to be found. I think Dylan was the only one to find an olive.  He is the king of cool olive shells! They were excited to find 3 hermit crabs. Of course Shelby wanted to keep them all, but we agreed to only keep them for the day and release tonight.  Then came home for the shell contest.  Poppy was the judge.  I think Shelby and Loggy tied, but Logan's hermit crab, named Paw Patrol, won for being the feistiest, so he won overall.  He was excited.  The prize was to get a special treat from a rest stop tomorrow. He was stoked!  We stopped and picked up a special treat for lunch--hush puppies!  They are the one island food we all enjoy, especially with cinnamon butter.  They hit the spot. Hard to believe we spent a week here and never went out to eat.  But it was nice not to fight crowds and pay for so many people to eat out. Plus none of our 7 really like seafood. After lunch we headed back to the beach.  We boogie boarded, built a sand castle and great wall to keep the water out, did paddle ball and water frisbee, I made a funny looking sea turtle sand sculpture and we enjoyed our final moments of coastal fun. Home for pool fun, throwing parachute guys from the balconies, and enjoying fruity drinks and pizza for dinner.  Then packing, and Shelby and I checked out the turtle nest.  They didn't excavate tonight like we were hoping since the supervisor wasn't there, so we didn't stay long. It was incredibly windy and not the best night to hang on the beach anyway. Then home to let hermit crabs go and pack the van. We are wiped, but will make the long trek home in a day tomorrow so we don't have to pay for a hotel and can get in one extra day of school prep. Poor Poppy is now sick with what Ethan had, so I hope they do ok driving.  It's been a great vacation and wonderful way to end summer.  Can't thank Nina and Poppy enough for planning this vacation!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

OIB Day 5--Turtles!

Well, we can get used to lazy days like this!  Another sleepy, slow morning. Brian, Anne and Ethan were getting packed up to leave and the rest of us were just laying around.  The kids were in the pool fairly early and then Kev and I headed to the beach to do the treasure hunt we'd promised the kids.  Loggy had been begging for an egg hunt all summer in our backyard, so at the last minute I grabbed a bag of eggs from our garage and we picked a few treasure items from the store. Kev was the master pirate burying the treasure and I buried 54 eggs (one in a crab hole that turned out to be tricky to find).  Then we went back to the house and got the kids. I was in charge of making a treasure map really quick.  Not my forte, but I managed.  Then off we went back to beach to meet daddy who was guarding our bounty. :). They wasted no time finding the eggs, but had trouble finding the treasure.  We wondered if pirate Kev had moved it. lol :). But finally it was uncovered after much digging. Hailey and Dylan split the money winnings for finding the treasure and all enjoyed the treasure.  It was a treat having the whole family on the beach.  Even Poppy went in the water and uncle Brian and Dylan had a fight to the finish in the ocean. :).   Then a few pictures and back to the house for lunch and more pool time. Then goodbyes to Uncle Brian, Aunt Anne and cousin Ethan. Sad they had to leave early but thankful they were all healthy for their long trip home.   Then daddy and I went to check on turtle status at nest 5. And the kids and Nina went back in the pool.  Then we took a very late trek back to the beach.  Normally we'd have gone out to dinner but it's supposed to storm all day tomorrow so this could be our last outdoor day. Bummer. We wanted to take full advantage of a final beach day. And we did.  Nina and Poppy went down with us and hung out.  And the beach was fairly empty for once bc it was very overcast. But the weather was cooler and comfortable.  The kids went boogie boarding in the rough waves and Kev and Poppy went out with them.  Nina sat and watched and Logan chilled and snacked by her.  We flew a kite in the high winds and played some frisbee and paddleball.  We just had leftovers for dinner and Kev and the girls and I headed to the turtle nest. It was excavating night so we were hopeful to see something.  And we sure did!  One had hatched at 130pm, so we saw that one in a cooler (so cute!). And then right when we got there one came out of the nest. They let those two go as soon as the sun set (less seagulls then to snatch them up!) and then they took the nest apart and found 9 more alive and ready to go out to sea.  So cool to watch them lead them to the ocean with red lights.  Such tiny, but fast little turtles.  They seemed to know just what to do to get to the jet stream!  Shelby was in all her glory. She can't wait to come back someday and be a turtle volunteer.  What a fun job!  So, yay, for turtle success!  Not many people get to witness such a miracle.  So thankful we did!  We hope to see the excavation of the other nest attacked by a fox too tomorrow night, but they are not hopeful they will be any survivors.  But what a fun end to the day!  Now the kids are feasting on brownie sundaes and popcorn and watching Boss Baby. A nice lazy night!  Not ready at all to leave this beach paradise and jump back into the icky school routine! :)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Holden beach! And OIB Day 4 (just missed the turtle hatching!)

Another beautiful NC coast day.  It was a lazier morning.  I think most of us slept in til 10ish. Poor baby Ethan headed to the docs, but he will hopefully be on the mend now.  The rest of us just laid low til about 2pm. Playing games and feasting on yummy food (cinnamon rolls Poppy had picked up and donuts Brian and Anne had gotten). We decided to head to Holden beach today to see if the old beach we're used to was less busy. Turns out it was, and it was an awesome area to find shells. So the Steg shell contest is now back on!  We found tons of baby olives, but Dylan found the biggest and best while digging a hole to bury us in.  Loggy enjoyed filling his baby boat with tons of shells and telling us he was was going to beat us all and he was the winner and we were the losers!  He also enjoyed the frothy "root beer water" the high tide made.  They all enjoyed boogie boarding.  We came home late and had a yummy pizza dinner and then headed to the beach turtle nests hoping for some action. Sure enough we were at nest 4 when nest 5 had 7 babies hatch.  We just missed it.  Shelb was soooo bummed.  It's her dream to be one of these turtle nest volunteers.  This sweet volunteer told us all about it.  So, tomorrow we will go back to both nests at 8pm and sit and wait.  Fun fun!  The evening ended with late night swimming in our unlighted mini pool.  A good end to another lovely beach day. :)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

OIB Day 3

Hard to believe we are halfway through our NC coast vacay.  And I have to say we've been blessed with the most beautiful weather. Today we paid for it a little with a few sunburns. But tomorrow we're getting smart and bought a beach umbrella at Walmart.  Not sure it will stay out in the sand. The wind here is feisty!   But we're gonna try to get shade tomorrow.  Anyway, today was more of the same fun in the sun!  This time we started with beach rather than pool.  Kev and I actually took a lil stroll on the beach before bfast.  Then after a lovely brunch created by Nina, we headed to the beach. We ate lunch there, Loggy flew a kite again (this time with mama), all the kids boogie boarded , made sand castles, and buried mom and dad in the sand just as the Italian ice cart strolled down the beach. Yumm!  Then home for pool time in the mini pool where daddy busted another new raft. Go figure.  Then time for the most delicious dinner to celebrate Kev and Shelb's bday.  Yummy steak and fixings 
 and a yummy ice cream cake for dessert.  Kev loved it and Shelb was definitely surprised. Then off to the beach again for Steg family pictures.  Ethan is sick, but he was a good sport.  The kids wanted to go back in the pool at night, but the pool light isn't working and Kev and I had to head to Walmart. Now it's late and we're wiped. The great things is we've been able to sleep in every day (though we should get up and run with Shelby). Can't believe it's August. And you know what that means. It's officially the day Hailey can now apply to college.  How in the world is that possible!?  Oh and school starts a week from tomorrow.  Ick!