Thursday, August 31, 2017

Senior Portrait Day (finally!) and Shelb's great XC meet run!

 We finally succeeded in getting the senior portrait session done for our fav. 12th grader!  Just in the nick of time too!  It was our 3rd rescheduled date and we really thought it might rain a few days ago. Turned out to be a beautiful day!  Such a fun experience....Hailey even got her hair and makeup done.  Apparently senior portraits are like weddings now.  Who knew?!  But it was a fun day and kinda reminded me of my Glamour Shots days (though much cooler :))  It was fun to tag along.  And the photographer was sweet and really did a great job.  Can't wait to see her pics. My iphone ones are pretty sad in comparison, I'm sure.  The only thing that bummed me out about this reschedule date is that I had to miss Shelb's meet in Oolitic.  She even got a ribbon this time (20th place!)...she is finally starting to feel better physically after being sick for a couple her times are getting better. So proud of her and glad daddy and the 3 youngest kids could watch her. 
  (how did she go from my little baby girl to this beautiful 17 year old about to graduate?) 


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

worn out

Looking forward to having some rest after this weekend...and getting back into a normal schedule.  The sad thing is that then our Hays will be gone.  But I just can't even process things lately much less sit and type and post pics.  Have to give myself some grace when it comes to that. It was a busy day of getting things done (surviving with one car most of the, fun...Kev working from home, getting college essays done, running kids to and fro, Hays meeting ballet friends, violin, XC, groceries and a busy, busy night at church all while fighting a migraine).  Sitting in bed now is my sweet reward for making it through :)  Night!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


All in all a pretty crappy day....but the end result is that we are all home safe.  A definite silver lining.

Hailey was in her first car accident and thankfully came away unharmed.  I am grateful beyond words for her safety.  Vehicles can be replaced, people cannot.  The Lord definitely had some angels watching over her today.

Trying to keep that gratefulness close to my heart because a large part of me is caving in a bit.  My mama's heart is fragile now.  Hopefully sleep and some prayer will help.

Monday, August 28, 2017

A pukey XC meet and college app burnout


My beauitul girls :)

We had our pics taken last night by my sweet photography friend.  She captured me and my girls beautifully.  Love!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A busy Sunday...

 I'll let you guess what went down today...this only a small portion of the pics...I'll try to post more later...trying being the operative word.  Getting down to the wire a week Hailey will be moving back to NYC.  Kinda sad to lose her again.  We love our complete group.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Soccer, friends, Hailey almost home from CO!

 I figure pics are better than words...or nothing....Here's a rundown of our day...Shelby got picked up from a sleepover party and her friend came over for most of the day....Lo had his 2nd Upwards soccer game (first for us to see since we were in MI last weekend)...Coach Mommy and Daddy were super awesome! :)  Out to DQ for lunch and treats then home to play on the slide.  Shopping, homework, violin and an evening of baking and watching the new Tom and Jerry Movie (Willie Wonka). Now waiting for Kev to get home from the airport with Hays.  I heard she had a great day seeing one of the 14-ers! (mountains).  Can't wait to hear about her CO adventures!



Friday, August 25, 2017


 I'm trying something new...just words....enjoy! :)