Saturday, August 12, 2017

A blog less school year?

I think my blogging days have come to an end. :(. It's just not something I have the energy for at the end of the day. Sleep or cuddling up next to my hubby is more imp. Having a laptop on my lap impedes that. So far now it's blog break time.  But we did have a nice day. Too busy for my liking but that IS our life.  We survived our first day of coaching 8 four year olds in soccer, had a afternoon fishing at the lake (Lo caught the biggest fish with Pops' help and expected to be paid a $1 for it). We had a fun GS pool party, wings for dinner, a sleepover for Shelby and a party for Dylan.  And it's close to midnight yet again. Story of our lives. We do love having Nina and pops here!!

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