Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Holden beach! And OIB Day 4 (just missed the turtle hatching!)

Another beautiful NC coast day.  It was a lazier morning.  I think most of us slept in til 10ish. Poor baby Ethan headed to the docs, but he will hopefully be on the mend now.  The rest of us just laid low til about 2pm. Playing games and feasting on yummy food (cinnamon rolls Poppy had picked up and donuts Brian and Anne had gotten). We decided to head to Holden beach today to see if the old beach we're used to was less busy. Turns out it was, and it was an awesome area to find shells. So the Steg shell contest is now back on!  We found tons of baby olives, but Dylan found the biggest and best while digging a hole to bury us in.  Loggy enjoyed filling his baby boat with tons of shells and telling us he was was going to beat us all and he was the winner and we were the losers!  He also enjoyed the frothy "root beer water" the high tide made.  They all enjoyed boogie boarding.  We came home late and had a yummy pizza dinner and then headed to the beach turtle nests hoping for some action. Sure enough we were at nest 4 when nest 5 had 7 babies hatch.  We just missed it.  Shelb was soooo bummed.  It's her dream to be one of these turtle nest volunteers.  This sweet volunteer told us all about it.  So, tomorrow we will go back to both nests at 8pm and sit and wait.  Fun fun!  The evening ended with late night swimming in our unlighted mini pool.  A good end to another lovely beach day. :)

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