Sunday, August 6, 2017

Home and sick

We are home.  

More than half of us are sick.  

Great way to start the school year.  

We were up early in WV just to get a jump on traffic since it was so bad yesterday. I had a feeling Dylan was off when he hardly ate any bfast.  And this place had the best bfast. Not only all the normal stuff, but chocolate sauce for making choc. milk and whipped cram for waffles.  You never see those two things at hotels. I was even happy :).  But Dyl ate none of it.  He said he was cold and wanted to go. Sure enough, tonight he has a fever.  Went to bed at 6pm. Three of the others have stuffy noses.  I can't eat much.  Kev has been spared so far and Hays just had a cold in Boston so she's ok now.  But our van ride back was a snot fest.  Fun.  We rolled into town about when we thought after stopping for lunch. Had to stop at the fairgrounds first to get our big fair winnings.  Loggy was so excited about his champion purple ribbon.  It was the cutest thing. He was waving it all around and dancing.  The lady at the fair told him what a big deal that was.  That helped with his pride :) He was even more thrilled by his $1 for winning!  Lol!  Money is the way to his heart!  Then finally home.  Unpacked, vacuumed the beach out of our van and settled in--laundry, dishes, seeing Nina and Poppy again who dropped off half a car load of our stuff, fish tank cleaning, homework for Hailey (she's plugging away at precalculus), an easy fend for yourself dinner, Hailey took Shelb running (while she biked) and daddy went into work bc our wifi isn't working so he couldn't work from home (thus why I can't post pics).  Stinks.  I worked with Loggy on speech stuff (didn't do it all summer, but better late than never!) and Ash helped me look through old school supplies.  Tomorrow we do our back to school shopping (if Dyl's better).  Tonight was early bedtime.  Summer being over stinks. Being sick on your last days of summer stinks more. Here's to healthier days ahead.  

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