Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hotel bound, not home bound :(

Well even the best laid plans aren't always meant to be.  Should have been home soon but instead we are in Charleston, WV at a hotel.  We got s slightly late start, but that was no big deal.  We got lost a couple times.  Again, no big deal.  But about 45mins into our trip our engine started to smoke and smell bad.  We pulled over quickly and could tell something exploded.  Thankfully there was a full service place across the street so we pulled over there. Thankfully they could fix it. It was our coolant hose--fairly easy to fix.   There was really nothing around the area to do, so the kids played in the parking lot and I took some of them to Belk to shop for school clothes.  It was nice of Nina and Poppy to stick with us.  They helped amuse the kids and had half of our stuff in their vehicle.  Over an hour later we were on our way.  Traffic was pretty horrendous though.  I think half the USA was on their way home from the Outer banks. And the back roads we took were not fun.  I was getting nauseous and having migraines, and some of the kids were complaining about feeling sick too.  After extra stops and more traffic we realized it'd be 2am before we got home and we didn't want a repeat of the Reste Motel. So we decided to stop with Nina and Poppy.  So we're nestled in a Country Inn and Suites.  Brings back memories of about 19 years ago when we were getting all our wedding guests settled at one in Grand Rapids. A nice homey place with fresh baked cookies, a pool and hot tub.  The kids are happy.  We're showered and watching Disney.  Two kids are in with Nina and Poppy so only one on the floor for once.  And ready to get rolling early so we can get home.  So thankful to not be driving 4 more hours now.  Bed is better!  Night!

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