Friday, August 4, 2017

Last day OIB :(

A great last day!  The rain actually never really hit and we ended up with a really nice day. We didn't get moving til right before lunch. And decided to hit the far end of the island to look for shells since some wanted more to add to their collection for the shell contest.  It was really pretty at the beach we ended up at and we could see Holden beach from there.  It was low tide and there were lots of puddles of Loggy's fav root beer water!   We had fun looking for shells, but not much to be found. I think Dylan was the only one to find an olive.  He is the king of cool olive shells! They were excited to find 3 hermit crabs. Of course Shelby wanted to keep them all, but we agreed to only keep them for the day and release tonight.  Then came home for the shell contest.  Poppy was the judge.  I think Shelby and Loggy tied, but Logan's hermit crab, named Paw Patrol, won for being the feistiest, so he won overall.  He was excited.  The prize was to get a special treat from a rest stop tomorrow. He was stoked!  We stopped and picked up a special treat for lunch--hush puppies!  They are the one island food we all enjoy, especially with cinnamon butter.  They hit the spot. Hard to believe we spent a week here and never went out to eat.  But it was nice not to fight crowds and pay for so many people to eat out. Plus none of our 7 really like seafood. After lunch we headed back to the beach.  We boogie boarded, built a sand castle and great wall to keep the water out, did paddle ball and water frisbee, I made a funny looking sea turtle sand sculpture and we enjoyed our final moments of coastal fun. Home for pool fun, throwing parachute guys from the balconies, and enjoying fruity drinks and pizza for dinner.  Then packing, and Shelby and I checked out the turtle nest.  They didn't excavate tonight like we were hoping since the supervisor wasn't there, so we didn't stay long. It was incredibly windy and not the best night to hang on the beach anyway. Then home to let hermit crabs go and pack the van. We are wiped, but will make the long trek home in a day tomorrow so we don't have to pay for a hotel and can get in one extra day of school prep. Poor Poppy is now sick with what Ethan had, so I hope they do ok driving.  It's been a great vacation and wonderful way to end summer.  Can't thank Nina and Poppy enough for planning this vacation!

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