Tuesday, August 1, 2017

OIB Day 3

Hard to believe we are halfway through our NC coast vacay.  And I have to say we've been blessed with the most beautiful weather. Today we paid for it a little with a few sunburns. But tomorrow we're getting smart and bought a beach umbrella at Walmart.  Not sure it will stay out in the sand. The wind here is feisty!   But we're gonna try to get shade tomorrow.  Anyway, today was more of the same fun in the sun!  This time we started with beach rather than pool.  Kev and I actually took a lil stroll on the beach before bfast.  Then after a lovely brunch created by Nina, we headed to the beach. We ate lunch there, Loggy flew a kite again (this time with mama), all the kids boogie boarded , made sand castles, and buried mom and dad in the sand just as the Italian ice cart strolled down the beach. Yumm!  Then home for pool time in the mini pool where daddy busted another new raft. Go figure.  Then time for the most delicious dinner to celebrate Kev and Shelb's bday.  Yummy steak and fixings 
 and a yummy ice cream cake for dessert.  Kev loved it and Shelb was definitely surprised. Then off to the beach again for Steg family pictures.  Ethan is sick, but he was a good sport.  The kids wanted to go back in the pool at night, but the pool light isn't working and Kev and I had to head to Walmart. Now it's late and we're wiped. The great things is we've been able to sleep in every day (though we should get up and run with Shelby). Can't believe it's August. And you know what that means. It's officially the day Hailey can now apply to college.  How in the world is that possible!?  Oh and school starts a week from tomorrow.  Ick!

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