Thursday, August 3, 2017

OIB Day 5--Turtles!

Well, we can get used to lazy days like this!  Another sleepy, slow morning. Brian, Anne and Ethan were getting packed up to leave and the rest of us were just laying around.  The kids were in the pool fairly early and then Kev and I headed to the beach to do the treasure hunt we'd promised the kids.  Loggy had been begging for an egg hunt all summer in our backyard, so at the last minute I grabbed a bag of eggs from our garage and we picked a few treasure items from the store. Kev was the master pirate burying the treasure and I buried 54 eggs (one in a crab hole that turned out to be tricky to find).  Then we went back to the house and got the kids. I was in charge of making a treasure map really quick.  Not my forte, but I managed.  Then off we went back to beach to meet daddy who was guarding our bounty. :). They wasted no time finding the eggs, but had trouble finding the treasure.  We wondered if pirate Kev had moved it. lol :). But finally it was uncovered after much digging. Hailey and Dylan split the money winnings for finding the treasure and all enjoyed the treasure.  It was a treat having the whole family on the beach.  Even Poppy went in the water and uncle Brian and Dylan had a fight to the finish in the ocean. :).   Then a few pictures and back to the house for lunch and more pool time. Then goodbyes to Uncle Brian, Aunt Anne and cousin Ethan. Sad they had to leave early but thankful they were all healthy for their long trip home.   Then daddy and I went to check on turtle status at nest 5. And the kids and Nina went back in the pool.  Then we took a very late trek back to the beach.  Normally we'd have gone out to dinner but it's supposed to storm all day tomorrow so this could be our last outdoor day. Bummer. We wanted to take full advantage of a final beach day. And we did.  Nina and Poppy went down with us and hung out.  And the beach was fairly empty for once bc it was very overcast. But the weather was cooler and comfortable.  The kids went boogie boarding in the rough waves and Kev and Poppy went out with them.  Nina sat and watched and Logan chilled and snacked by her.  We flew a kite in the high winds and played some frisbee and paddleball.  We just had leftovers for dinner and Kev and the girls and I headed to the turtle nest. It was excavating night so we were hopeful to see something.  And we sure did!  One had hatched at 130pm, so we saw that one in a cooler (so cute!). And then right when we got there one came out of the nest. They let those two go as soon as the sun set (less seagulls then to snatch them up!) and then they took the nest apart and found 9 more alive and ready to go out to sea.  So cool to watch them lead them to the ocean with red lights.  Such tiny, but fast little turtles.  They seemed to know just what to do to get to the jet stream!  Shelby was in all her glory. She can't wait to come back someday and be a turtle volunteer.  What a fun job!  So, yay, for turtle success!  Not many people get to witness such a miracle.  So thankful we did!  We hope to see the excavation of the other nest attacked by a fox too tomorrow night, but they are not hopeful they will be any survivors.  But what a fun end to the day!  Now the kids are feasting on brownie sundaes and popcorn and watching Boss Baby. A nice lazy night!  Not ready at all to leave this beach paradise and jump back into the icky school routine! :)

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