Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Need rest

can't wait for Saturday night! :).  Getting too old to plan multiple last minute things. :)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Planning another party

My absense of blogging is bc we are crazily planning another party (and bc I'm too busy and tired anyway :)).  Shelby never had a 13th and we want to knock it out this week.  We are glutens for exhaustion.  Not sure how we'll pull this one off.  But it will be super simple. Zzzzz

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Art Emoji Glow party done!

Yippee!  It's done!  But I'm wiped so no pics tonight!  Maybe tomorrow!  Evening parties seem to never end!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nine is Nifty! Go, Ash!

Well, it's official....she woke up and she's NINE! 
 I think she looks older already :)
 And she was really hungry...wow, 9 donuts, Ash! 
Love this sassy girl...she has grown so fast.
Rainbow unicorns were the theme for the day :) 
 Fried cheese sticks were also on the agenda for lunch. I must admit, White Castle may be my fav new cheese stick place. Yumm!
Cupcakes for the class....yes, I added a little something on the bday girl's one...lol. If you haven't heard she's a prankster lately and a prankster needs a prank pulled on her sometimes...esp. on her bday!  I did mourn a little that we had no Sam's cookie cake (per her choice).  I love that stuff!  But the cupcakes were good.
Since we live in our van, we had to decorate it and make it the bday mobile....I'm partial to these.  My old speeder became one once or twice :)
Thumbs up for Nine!  Though she was not thrilled about watching her bro play soccer for over an hour in the heat.
Gift opening is always fun when your sister is very jealous that you got a canopy and she's always wanted one!                        
That's a lot of potential rainbow poopers there! :)
Things get loud when we sing!
No unicorns were burned in this bday cake blow-out :)
We even had to add our New Yorker into the mix! :)

It was a good day.  A full day, but a good day.  I still remember so vividly the day our little (actually big!) Asher was born. So darling and so sweet from the get-go.  And she has just multiplied that each year of her life.  She's full of spunk, full of smiles, full of thoughtfulness, full of life.  She brings such joy to our family

Funny of the day...They announced her bday over the loud speaker at school...by saying "Clara Stegemoller" :) lol!  She was not happy!  She received enough Target gift cards to probably makeover her whole room. She was so excited! A great day from start to finish...lots of love and well wishes from friends and family. Feeling so blessed that our girl has such a wonderful support system...and feeling very blessed by her 9 years of life. She's a beauty inside and out! :)  Love you, Ashley Claire (or Clara?) :)

Happy bday Ash!

Meant to post before midnight in the final moments of 8!  But got caught up in decorating. She isn't officially 9 til 830 am anyway.  She's slumbering peacefully now.  Can't believe I was laboring with my final girl 9 years ago.  Time flies.  What a blessing our Ash is!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pooping out on partying

A decade of no parties sounds good to me right about now.  Our current lifestyle does not have time for this.  What was I thinking?  I obviously was not. :(

Monday, September 18, 2017

The days are flying by...manic Monday!

This week is flying.   And I'm wiped. One bday cake almost done.  One more to do and a party to plan...plus a real bday to celebrate!  Sept is usually our slow month!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I got nothing...

...I should probably stop posting on days I have nothing bc the reality is I won't go back and post pics. 

It was not the best day.  I feel like I'm coming down with the flu...we got to church late enough that there was no parking or seating (forgetting that Lee Strobel was preaching...which ended up being really good)...then had a bit of a challenge helping in the K/PK rooms...yikes...wild was an understatement....then violin...and home to party plan and try to have some down time (which didn't happen).  Mostly a chore day, sibling bickering, made a nice crockpot dinner that one kid cried about, and a late night doing homework.  Not the best start to a week that is surely going to be a hectic one.  Wish we could do a Sunday re-do.

 ok...a few pics....proof of the fruits (or veggies!) of our labor...finally...an pepper from our garden...a long with many tomatoes for her taco salad lunch
 I wish I had taken pics of the chaos of church...yikes.  But I don't need a reminder of that.  But I did laugh at Ash trying to decide on her bday cake(s)...she had to do eeny meeny miney mo...many times.  lol :)  The girl changes her mind more than anyone I know....
 chore day....the boys actually cleaned up their room very well!
 Party prep....these might be our only decorations.  Of course she noticed she mispelled bday on the one and art on the other...oh well...art can be abstract and mispelled, right?
 I thought I was doing good putting dinner in the crockpot before church.  I thought it was yummy, but we had complaints from the peanut gallery as usual :(
 Two of the complainers
 One crier.
 He was so cute wrapping his gifts to Ashley...he had to double bag them to fool her.  He's so funny :)
And the room that was once clean is no longer...this is how it goes.  Clean on minute a mess the next. Why bother?!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A super busy Saturday

Well today felt like a weekday...busy from 6am til 4pm...but it was nice to have the evening sorta off and for me not to be doing everything alone. 

 6am rise n shine for Shelb and her bestie...and bless Kev for taking them to the early morn bus to their XC meet in Nashville, IN.  Every school in the county (and outside) was there.  I was bummed to miss it, but I saw it last year (in the rain, no less)...and Kev is entitled to go to some meets in peace (aka...w/o kids!).  It was a rough race though...not the best of times (though Shelb's was pretty good) and it was very hot and humid (almost 90 in mid Sept is a bit much)  Anyway...here's the big start...a mass of girls (Shelb was happy to be on JV...last year she was a reserve)
 She ran mostly with a couple of her best buds...and at least she did not get shoved in this race like the last one at this course
 Someone was very excited to start her new sport today.  Of course, we can't pick a cheap sport...this one might be worse than ballet! :)  And, of course, she LOVED it!
 They taught her to groom and take care of her horse (Cochise...an Indian chief name...the sweetest horse ever...great for a first rider)
 The boys were bored to tears.  They were pretty much playing in horse poop.  Throwing rocks in a mud puddle, which I am pretty sure was more poop than mud.  But it kept them occupied :)
Cutest lil' kitty. Reminded me of Nee Nee :)
 So happy to be riding!
 And she did so great with Cochise. She even got to trot while on him. :)  She can't wait for her next lesson!
 Then off to be a coach at Lo's game. It was the first time all 4 of coaches were there.  YAY!  That meant I didn't have to do the devotion or much at all.  That was nice.  We have such a sweet Lil' Eagles team! 
 Lo hustled out there!
 He doesn't have much fear!  He was sorta mad he didn't score a goal though...and our team lost again :(  (though we don't keep score...well, are not supposed to)
 D had his first game at the Y...but only 6 on his team so they played against the coaches, which was actually better than kids.  It challenged D and he actually has made some great progress lately.  I think soccer might be his thing.  He was doing some fancy footwork.  If money weren't an issue we'd have him on a travel team next year.
 Even big boys can play...Lo showing the daddies who's the fastest tag guy :)
 DQ for lunch.  Not really in the budget, but D was asked to help on the travel team today and it was 3pm and we were all starving.  3 hours of soccer is a lot!
 Can't believe she's gonna be 9 soon!
 One happy kid after a hard couple hours of soccer.
 My soccer boys...love, love them!
 And bonus points for daddy...not every guy will using a hair dryer to dry the paint on your very late invites that need to go in the mail today. 
 Invites all done...and in the mail....in a week we will have an art glow emoji party.  Could we add in any more themes?   I think they turned out good especially for doing them at home real quick...daddy helped do the paint palette part and Ash and I did the backs.... 

     But check out the back of our invites...they glow!  We tried them out in our closet.  We've done 2 other glow parties before...making things glow is old hat to us :)
 Oh so excited about dinner....well, honestly I was but I was probably it. A nice chicken dinner outside...we rarely have time. It was nice. But they all complained bc they prefer indoors and pizza.
 The best part of the end of our night was talking to our fav. New Yorker. :)

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Friday that flew by

 A busy Friday...wouldn't have it any other way (ok, that's a lie...I'd love it the opposite way...but I know reality :))....picture day for Shelb...happy Lo after preschool...lunch with D...cello boy...a surprise from Aunt Candy...a middle school glow dance with a sleepover...and 9th bday prep...that's all the pics I could take...my phone is full again! :(

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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