Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from 50's poodle skirt girl, Shelby, Rubik's Cube, Dylan, Evie (Disney Descendants), Ashley, and Logan's Monster Trash Service Man (and truck!)...and garbage Hailey (j/k)...actually White Rabbit Hailey (from Alice in Wonderland)...

Monday, October 30, 2017

Always last minute!

Still up working on Halloween stuff.  Good grief.  Who thought it was a good idea to make 3 of our 4 Halloween costumes?  Next year we buy them all!  Or have I said that before?  Sometimes we don't think things through.  I'm exhausted and it's only Monday.  Or have I said that before too? Lol. :) Happy almost Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Ashley's first horse show, trunk or treats indoors and pumpkin carving

Yikes.  Busyness.  I usually love fall busyness but not so much right now. It was fun though to see ash in her first horse show.  But we had no idea it was a competition and she very much dislikes competitions. She handled it well and did awesome in the arena and in the costume show.  Very proud of her!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Whatta week...sickness stinks...busy weekend of Halloween stuff, music, GS speedway fun and coldness

Well, that was quite a week of un-fun sickness.  Not sure I have had a virus like that.  I could almost feel it moving down my airway every day.  Mostly lost my voice one day (not great on a week I was subbing) and then I had a hacking cough that I was pretty sure would break a rib.  I felt like an old lady.  I am finally on the mend today just in time for a busy weekend.  I have lots of pics to post, but have to make myself rest or I will not get fully better.  Been a busy couple days...last night was a bummer rainy, cold weather...our trunk or treat was canceled...just at the last minute after I had planned and set up the car with our emoji theme.  Oh well.  Next year.  No reschedule date. Instead we headed downtown and did the trick or treat in the rain and cold. I thought it was fun. Lo didn't at first (he hates cold like me).  Ash liked it.  D and Daddy did metal scrapping at boy scouts for 4 hours in the wetness...Shelby made her egg babies for school.  Today was a busy day...up early to get Shelb to her All Region Orchestra in Greenwood, get D to boy scouts again for scrap metal-ing, Ashley to the speedway in Indy for an all day GS thing and then all of us to Indy for a performance.  Lots of Halloween prep...making costumes, making a horse costume (yes, for a horse).  Too much. And college stuff.  Also too much.  Too much especially bc I'm not well yet and really just need a weekend in bed.  Such a bummer being sick at my fav. time of year.  I am not a fan of November and Dec is my least fav.  I'm sad to end October this way.  Sigh.

Monday, October 23, 2017

No rest for the sick

I had a feeling the lack of sleep of last week would haunt me this week.  Sure enough.  Sick.  I've actually been down and out for a couple days, but I was hoping not mentioning it would make it go away.  Nope.  Today I fell asleep while typing something. It was that gloomy sorta day so it was nice to give in to the sickness for 30mins.  But that was not nearly enough rest.  I could and should stay in bed for days. But we are down to one vehicle and it's the week before Halloween and we have one out of 4 costumes and busyness every day.  I'm sad. Of all times of the year to be sick. Why couldn't it have waited til November.  That is the dullest month ever.  I love October!  But amidst the dreariness I must say the leaves just were glorious in color today.  It poured most of the day but even through the wetness the color shone thru. Beautiful.  It was a reminder of God's beauty amidst the gloom.  Praying I'm feeling tip top again soon to enjoy the remainder of October.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

This year is just plain exhausting

And it just plain stinks! :(. Between the normal stuff and college/dance/financial decision stuff and work stuff and travel stuff my head is just spinning.  I don't know when we'll find peace. I pray it's at the end of this winding road.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Missing family time

I'm tired of my family not being together.  I miss not having us home for dinner or even just me and the kids after school.  I fear the coming years will just get worse.  How do you fight for that time back with 5 children? And yes it's actually harder having one not here...I get the comment a lot that it must be easier with one gone. Heck no.  Way harder on many levels.  Anyway, just wondering what the best way to approach this all is. For now our new thing is to cross off a day on the calendar and nothing goes on it.  Probably a Sunday after church which only gives us half a day.  But still better than nothing.  We need more down time and family time. It's getting impossible to make it thru busy weeks without this.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

He cracks me up!

 Seriously...sometimes my Loggy just makes me cry such happy tears.  He's been writing this book at "new school" since the beginning of the year.  It came home last Friday.  This was his first page in it.  Not only is it just plain funny, but it's true.  The kid likes to eat his boogers.  Incessantly.  He cannot stop nor does he want to. He picks all the time and eats all the time.  He does not care what anyone thinks.  It is almost like a regular snack for him.  That he added it to his self-portrait is perfection.  I also love that he added a box of kleenex :)  Ya' can't say he's not a unique kid!
 LOL!  Here he is today absolutely overjoyed over a surprise in his lunch...the super large gummy snake (like 1.5 feet long) he wanted from NYC.  He made sure before I left that I understood he wanted this.  He was one happy gummy eater today!
 After school today he wrapped up in this.  His idea to make a pitch tent with our rug and use Hailey's baton to prop it.  Genius.
 Sometimes I wonder why God gave me 5 kids.  Because I am most certainly winging it every single day!  But I know why he gave me my Loggy...it was to make me laugh :)  I'm gonna miss this boy next year when he's in school all day.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Flying seemed worse than driving

Well, a little after 3am this we rolled into our driveway.  I thought the original plan of midnight was going to be rough.  This was utterly exhausting, especially after only getting a handful of hours of sleep in NYC (or NJ I should say) this trip.  Wowsers traveling of all kinds is challenging.  I feel I could sleep for a few straight days.  Wishful thinking.  Bonus of the day is we got to stop by Sue Sue's and hang out with her and the kitties and that kept me from thinking about how tired I was.  Another bonus was seeing Shelby's sports banquet tonight.  Her peers voted her as the the best female leader of the team.  That says a lot coming from like 70 kids. I agree totally.  She's become a great leader in middle school.  I'm so impressed with her.  First NJHS Prez now this. She's well on her way to being a great lawyer!   Maybe later in the week I can post pics.  Sleep is much too precious now.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Love being in NYC with our Hays but totally exhausted

A great day and love being here with our fav big city girl...but exhaustion has hit us hard.  I got 1hr of sleep and Kev got 3 hrs.  We are used to little sleep, but that's virtually nothing.  I take naps longer than that.  But flying here for the first time was brilliant!  And watching Hailey dance in class was glorious. She even reserved a little time with us to boat in Central Park.  I'm pretty sure I was the best rower!  And Kev and I had our fav shake shack and NYC pizza.  Now we're chilling in Jersey at a nice hotel.  Can't wait to sleep with no alarm or early morning.  And can't wait to see Hailey in choreographic tomorrow.  So grateful Nina Stegs was willing to tackle our busy Steg schedule at home.  She's amazing!  So thankful for this time in the city with Kev and with our Hailey Nicole!  Interesting tidbits...the turtles were out and sunning themselves today in CP.  Shelb would have loved it.  Kids were even picking the turtles up.  Such sweet turtles.  And the rats were out in masses today.  All over Central Park. They are gutsy rodents!   I'm growing fond of them! :). And there was a duck eating leaves.  Is that normal?  Wildlife in CP is fun!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Getting ready to see our missing girl!

All I can say is why is getting ready to leave on a simple weekend vacation always have to be stressful/complicated?  Why can't we just have a free night to leisurely pack?  Nope, we have to have activities for each of the kids and an orchestra concert.  And then our pet loving child loses her little fishy. Sigh.  I'm glad we're flying tomorrow, but going on a couple hours sleep will not be fun. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A final (rainy) day of fall break...but we packed a lot in!

 Yikes this day was go-go-go....but it was good in the end even with lots of rain. I did feel doomed from the beginning...like the cards were stacked against me.  First a line 15 deep at the post office and only one guy working.  I left and went to another one.  Then redbox would not take our movie back and the sweet girl on the other end was not great with English.  It took about 30 minutes of me standing in the rain and driving to 3 kiosks to help her figure things out.  Fun.  But we finally found our lost boy....back from Missouri!  He had lots to tell me (and show me...pics on his ipad) about his trip!  Sounded super fun, but he was super tired and super grumpy!
 Not enthused about a haircut, but it was necessary!
 I let him tell the hairdresser what he wanted. Not sure he did much talking :)
 Doesn't look that different, but it really was in the back and sides.  He likes his own style in the front :)
 Love lazy mornings.  We slept in a little...it was a good day for that...rain, rain, rain.
 Finally getting rid of the fondant unicorn horn.  Bye bye birthday unicorn!
 It was really supposed to be nice today...the weather said so yesterday. That's why we waited to go to the lil' apple orchard til now.  But it poured. Absolutely poured as we were driving there.  Then they were moving part of the new I-69 steel pieces and traffic was backed up for about an hour.  Truly, I felt God was trying to tell us something. But I was only 4 miles from Applacres so we kept on going. 
 Not sure the kids were super excited about watery apple picking...but they abliged me and put on their boots and grabbed their umbrellas.
 We were warned there wasn't much left on the trees....they weren't kidding!  I was a little worried at first that we wouldn't get anything.
 D found the first one. Phew!  He was proud of himself.
 LOL...they were all nestled up in the leaves. We had to really search for them. No red apples to be found, but a few golden delicious.
 Giddy over his first find!
 She's crazy a lot of the time!  That's not her hand reaching up there oddly enough....
 Sweet Ash and her sweet fruit :)
 His cool pose :)
 The rain let up a little, but the field was a muddy mess.  This girl was the most prepared though.
 So excited when he found an apple on the tree he could pick.
 Twin apples!
 Cutest baby apple ever.
 Wet mama and boy and our bag full of apples. Not too bad for a small orchard in the pouring rain with hardly any apples left on the trees.
 Ready to go home and make some apple crisp!
 We missed daddy and, of course, Hays, but they were probably glad to not be tortured by a rainy orchard trip.  Though daddy was probably stuck in the rain at the ranch too.
 Attempting to find one red apple...nope!
 Tons of apples on the ground though...seems like a waste.
 Inside to dry off and get some free goodies.  Yumm!  Apple cider and cherry apple cider
 He loved the cherry one...and the free popcorn!  I noticed in this pic they could have gotten a free apple too...shoot...too bad we didn't see that before we left!
 Lots of mini pumpkins and gourds.  We had to get one for Hailey....
 LOL...Dyl and the Dilly of a Day dill pickle holder :)  Truth be known I had to pay him 26 cents to stand by it :)  He drives a hard bargain!
 We found Hailey a mini "butt pumpkin". Truly...it looks like a butt...  The pic doesn't do it justice. It's what every New York ballerina needs!
 Chillin' outside :)
 I had Ash pose by the place that Hailey got her first Indiana pumpkin from when we moved here...I remember her sitting near these bins and getting a lil' pumpkin. I think she was 2 or 3.
 We shared a yummy caramel apple on the ride home.
 It stopped raining so I made a pit stop at our fav. overlook!  It was a little too wet to play, but still so pretty there.
 They love this little playground.
 The leaves have just started to fall
 And the view was so pretty...though most of the leaves haven't changed around the lake yet.
 This tree was so beautiful especially with a pretty girl in front of it!
 Love this overlook and these kids...but missing one! :(
 Throwing acorns over the side...he's got quite an arm!
 Can you see that nut mid-air!?
 Then one last stop at our fav. greenhouse (Mays)  I actually have never been here...Kev always takes the kids when he gets Nina Stegs' gifts. I have a brown thumb. But this place is so cool especially in the fall.  They had the cutest fairy garden set up.  The kids loved it.
 This was a huge hit!  Fish in the pond!
 "Hey guys...did you know I want to build one of these in our backyard?"  Yes, she does!  Big dreams!
 Best supply of cacti and succulunts. I had no idea.  It was impressive.  She wanted a few of them!
 Pumpkins galore, but not what I wanted...I was looking for mums and they only had pink/purple ones.
 We found the cool Halloween maze...it was fun!  Love these two pumpkins!
 Logan loved this maze.  Perfect for preschoolers!
 They had a glow area too. 
 Cute flower!
 Lots of fun detail in this maze. Someone worked hard on it.
 Visiting the cemetery :)
 LOL! Shelb and I thought the same thing about this room...poop on the wall? But in fact it was large ants?!
 Trying to find the exit. Harder than it looked.  But we finally did!
 We even went back and did it again!
 Home for an early dinner.  Make your own pizza night.  Kroger had these little kits and it was perfect for us!  Though the crusts looked like an English non-fav. of Shelb's...crumpets.  Brought back bad bfast memories!
 They had fun making pumpkin pizzas!  Though Loggy would not touch his. He has an aversion to touching pepperoni apparently
 All done!  4 lil' pumpkins!  Loggy actually made one for me...he didn't want it. He has grown to not like pizza lately. Go figure.
 Our fancy dinner...pepperoni pumpkin pizzas, ghost garlic bread (yes, I know it looks like a Christmas tree...they all told me!)...and some orange pumpkin drink :)  Easy!
 I wanted to make apple crisp, but Ash really wanted to make Halloween/Emoji cookies.  She won. 
 D practicing for his upcoming concert.
 Shelb practicing for 2 concerts and one All region. She had lesson tonight at IU too, but I couldn't watch since I had all the kids and we sat in the hall...so no pic.
 Trying to get organized. First grading period is done so we are trying to keep old papers separate.  We will see if this works.  Gotta get him organized for middle school!
 Decorating cookies!  We go a little cuckoo over cookies/sugar!
 I see the similarities!
 This girl loves frosting made out of powdered sugar and water.  So much so that she doesn't notice it's in her hair and on her face :)
 The final outcome. Not too shabby for cookies made in under an hour.
 Didn't hear much from daddy today...I thought maybe he didn't make it through the night.  Turns out he has very little cell reception at the Rawhide Ranch.  And he slept in the car last night. Fun.  Tonight he has the bottom bunk he says.  Nice!
He apparently was the top thrower of tomahawks (4 to be exact).  Sorta unnerving yet impressive. Maybe I married an Indian?  This is some interesting team bonding.
And my missing girl. She got another named scholarship today from SAB.  Not sure if that's an honor or not, but they say it is.  Always so proud of her.  I know she's in the midst of college essays of which I should proofread. That's my nightly reading I guess. :)  

A full day, a full fall break.  Now back to reality tomorrow and hopefully daddy rejoins us tomorrow night.  I'm tired of being a single parent. :(

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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