Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spring break needs to be here!

This dreary rain and lack of sun has got to go.  And boy, do we need a break. If Kev and I could runaway on a vacation this weekend we would.  Sure wish Nina and pops were heading our way to babysit. :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to keep ones sanity in the rat race?

I need help with this one now.  But trying to keep things in perspective.  And I definitely need to be more realistic with time.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Great job, Swimmer Shelb!

2nd place for 50 breast stroke tonight for JV.  Go Shelb! More later.  Burning the candle at both ends here as usual :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wishing Sunday was a day of rest!

 Thinking we need to start making Sunday a day of rest once we get home from church!  This day was way too busy!  But it was fun to see Shelb and Ash helping out in the children's service today...they were the two women that asked Peter if he knew Jesus before he died on the cross.  They look nice in knitted blankie hats! :)
 Way to go, girls!
 Then Ash raced off to a double cookie booth sale at our Kro-gucci (fancy Kroger).  She was awesome doing flips and gymnastics and cheers to draw customers in. One guy gave us a $25 tip!
 We ended up being at the sale by ourselves for an hour, which got a little rough bc she was tired and hadn't had anything to eat since bfast.  But she powered through!  Now we are officially done selling cookies! :)  hip hip hooray!  Thanks to Hailey and all her NYC selling, Ash did awesome this year!
 While we were at the Kroger sale, Shelb had a violin lesson and did some shopping and got some Chipotle with Daddy and then Dylan had his first church core group meeting (which we didn't find out about til today).  Just one more thing that kept us out for another hour, but I know he had fun.  We were chatting here about how these pants really do not fit him anymore. Then another hour of shopping at Kroger, Walmart, Sams.  Not so fun.
 Trying to keep Lo busy so I could get some stuff done. He's a good Box Top cutter! He loves to cut things!
 Shelb's new bargain purchase from Dicks! Was $100, marked down to $50 and then she got $25 off and had a gift free!  Cute!
 Hanging the fruit loop bird feeder he made at preschool.  Do birds like fruit loops? We shall see!
 Finally getting invites out.  Crazy kid :)
 I think daddy made cool invites.  Almost like real Olympic tickets. lol :)
 Cute kid :)
 Daddy made our fav. sandwich ring for dinner. Yummy!
 Trying to decide on a cake.  Not even sure I want to make one this time since it's a Friday party and this is a busy week. But hopefully this one is easy.  I cut the pic up into pieces accidentally so that's why Dylan's giving me a look bc he had to piece it back together like a puzzle :)
Lots of violin-ing today.  3 hours to be exact.  She's almost got her new solo down. 

Istep week and lots of busyness--two meets, and a sleepover party Friday.  Can't wait for Saturday! lol :)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A day in Steg life

Just another day.

                                                  Mama made food into shapes--musical notes this time
 in honor of Shelb's concert day
 Isn't she a beauty, especially with her typical Shelb look :)
 She did beautifully :)                                             
Someone caught her grumpiness and was a little bit in trouble during the performance.
 I'm blaming our grumpiness on the poured all day today.  So over living here.  It's time to move to a sunnier place.
 She did look lovely even out in the rain :)
 We quick dropped Ash at her GS event...and then were home to party plan for Dyl.  Oh joy.  Another party.  But Dylan planned this one...all minute to win it games--olympic style.  Easy actually.  But the boys had to try everything out.  Twist their arms :)
 The marble one is a big hit.
 I had to pick up Ash early from her GS STEM event at the college across the street from our house... and this is the glimpse I caught...her handling pigs hearts...I'm guessing she might not end up to be a heart doctor :)
 D had a rough bball game...he was very upset with himself and frustrated with his team...he left the court twice to cool down. Never seen him so fired up about anything. I'm wondering if bball might be his thing if he gets the right instruction...
 He is about 5'8'' now.  Wow.  He has grown 2 inches in 2 months.
 Celebratory steak n shake dinner...thanks to Nina and Poppy Stegs who gave us gift cards during Kev's surgery.  We love steak burgers, grilled cheese, fries and shakes!

 Daddy shared with Lo...a big shake for a lil' boy.
 The hat tells the truth :)
Party duty...we look thrilled don't we?  Just call us K&K party planners!  Someone fell asleep reading to himself in bed.  Love, love, love.  He speaks my own language. Sleep is good. zzzz

Thursday, February 22, 2018

longing for more peace and rest

No rest for the weary...part of our week (namely tonight) night at school...Dylan showing off his bball skills at this physics ball shoot :)  Loggy below was showing off his own physics a light saber fan...what could be better?                                  
And the girls...Shelb's 2nd swim meet...she swam the first two events in a row...and did awesome...her relay team got 3rd place.  Then she ran off to violin.  And this was after a full day of school and going to core group right after that.  She is busy!
Our artist...who had her artwork hanging in the admin building and got an award for it.  Though she claims, "I'm not an artist" :)
A long lost New Yorker...even though she lives in NYC--the land of good pizza...she rarely gets to eat it. She just happened to be getting cultured this day and got a free pizza dinner for her SAB cultural experience.  I am pretty sure she's never taken a pic of herself eating food...nice!

Love these kids.  It's a lot of work raising them, but worth ever second of lack of sleep :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lots to consider

Ash...orthodontist today...will have oral surgery (franectomy on her labial frenulum)...then will have a palate expander put in that we have to turn with a key every night...then a year of braces...and then endless retainers...and braces again when she's older.  Great.  Extra expenses....more things to think about. Poor girl.

Logan...speech...spanish transfers...lots to consider.

Dylan...trying to find a bball camp for him...why is there no basketball in the spring? Not everyone wants to play baseball!  Or soccer!  Ugh. 

Shelb....too much on her schedule, but she wants to do it all...swimming, track, violin....if only she were an only child.

Hailey...not even going to go there...ballet, college, both?  Europe?  Really?

5 kids.  Not easy to juggle all that is involved in the decisions of their lives. I wouldn't trade it, but I'd love help in the process!  Grateful to have Kev, but feeling like we need more than the 2 of us to make this work properly....

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A lovely Saturday...minus the snow and the busyness :)

 Best part of the day for me was sleeping in til almost 11am.  Now, that's a great start to the day!  And while we slept Ash worked on our mount everest pile of laundry.  She even made a seat out of the towels for her and her cat :) Genius!
 Wasn't expecting snow.  But it was better than the rain that ended our day.
 Ash and Cochise...good boy.
 He had been outside so he was wet. Daddy helped groom. I was grateful. I am never at one with horses.
 Chillin' with his leapad by the fireplace.
 She had a good lesson with Cochise.  She was happy!
 Me and my new barn friend :)
 Needed to waste a few minutes before we picked up Shelb and her bestie...stopped by the red bridge to see the pretty creek.
 Movie time!  We rarely do this, but it was fun.  Someone didn't eat his lunch so we took away movie treats. He was hysterical.  But he made me a deal...he would clean the toilet, do some laundry and clean up downstairs if we let him have popcorn. Deal.  Though Hailey did remind him later that it would have been easier and less stinky to just eat his lunch.
 Thank you, Nina and Poppy Stegs, for our vday movie day!  It was a great way to spend a snowy/rainy afternoon!
 Almost like a date?
 Almost like a date too? :)  He loves his girlfriend :)
 Great movie!
 Congrats, Hays...officially into the JSOM at IU (for ballet, obviously)...yay!
 Might look like an ordinary Steg pile of laundry...but it was breathing :)
 ...if you looked closer you could see this little sweety under the pile :)  
 He really did work hard :)
 Popcorn payback! :) 
Doing his his dooty :)  Dad was overjoyed to help :)                                        

           Hays' view today...a lil' snow in Lincoln Center too. A better view than our cornfield snow :)
 A pic of her last night at the Romeo and Juliet...another balloon display at the Koch.  This time Mylar.  Cool!                                                

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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