Friday, March 30, 2018

Feeling sadness on this Good Friday

Feeling sad today—not for my self but for those around me suffering and losing loved ones. It’s been a hard week. But it’s a reminder of how Christ suffered for us so that we could live life eternal—the ultimate gift. I’m clinging to that in these tough times when there seems to be much darkness.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Many prayers for many decisions

Lots of deadlines and decisions coming up.  Feeling the stress of it all, but just praying for wisdom and peace.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bye Bye Hays, Crazy weather, Stem event, Egg Hunts, no more camping, ice cream and an ER visit!

 little words today...just a few pics...a crazy day...crazy weather (thankfully Hays made it out nearly on time and back to NYC!)...then a GS stem event for Ash in Terra Haute, which was on the news too!... Dylan came home early from his camping bc of bad weather and unprepared scouts...and 2 egg hunts for Lo (who won the big basket at one of the nursing home and froze his keester off at the other at the fairgrounds)...weird rain, pelting hail and then ice cream pj day at Brusters...bc what else do you do on a balmy Indiana sleety day?!  And then Lo slipped getting out of the shower and sliced his chin open and we spent the evening in the ER (thankfully getting glued and not stitched).  Never a dull moment in la casa de steg.  We miss Hailey :(



 Never taken a selfie with a bunny, but Lo would not get near the E.B. w/o me, so selfie it was! :)



Friday, March 23, 2018

She made it home...finally! :)

 Just spent over 30mins on this post and my computer crashed and I had to start over.  I am feeling depleted.  This has been the longest 24 hours and I have slept very little.  But our fav. big city girl did make it home...finally....after sleeping a couple hours in the LGA airport cafeteria and getting on a flight 12 hours after she should have boarded. She finally made it out of NYC and into Indy and home to Bloomy around 12:30. She missed her IU interview by 4 hours and also missed out on more than that amount of sleep. But IU was sympathetic and she pulled through on little sleep and did well on the interview.  Here's some pics of the day.  The sibs were VERY bummed they couldn't greet Hays at the airport.  But they did make her a nice bday poster and get her a bday balloon to enjoy on the car ride home!
Someone was very excited to his Hayeeee!
Very excited! :)
Cox Scholarship Program...ready to interview for a research position!
Someone snoozed for the almost the whole financial info session! :)
Old ballet friends reunited!
Selfies thanks to mom :)
Someone loves selfies via mom :)
My 5 reunited! LOVE!
Her bday treat.  I would have made something more exciting had I known we'd see her more than a few hours.
Someone just loves his biggest sis!
LOL...Dyl waited to go to his campout til Hailey came home.  This is his big embrace.  And Hays teasing him about his high water pants :)
Excited about camping in snow, ice and rain.  And he forgot his coat in the process.  Hmmm.
We were famished...we had Wendy's before noon and missed lunch at IU...but we really enjoyed our Mother Bears!
Sister chewing shenanigans! :)
The chew staredown!
Bad breath funnies :)
Love their smiles :)
So excited I finally rented Coco!  I wish I had seen it, but I think daddy, Ash and Lo had a fun movie night!
I got the gift to see the IU spring ballet with her! One bonus of her extra day in Bloomy.  Might be the last time I see a ballet with her? :(
The good ol' MAC
Had to make her take a pic by the sign :)
We saw Olivia again! old times chillin in the ballet hallway. 
Last row of 3rd balcony. Best cheap seats in the house!
Bonus...the dance she is doing for Workshop was the first dance IU was doing...yay, La Source!
Someone had to get in one last hug before leaving for a GS STEM event in Terra Haute in the morn (Hays will hopefully still be sleeping).  They are twinsies :)  Look so much alike sometimes.
Evening Steg craziness...toots, undies on the head, airplane rides, chore central.  Never a dull moment.

A good day...a busy day...a tiring day.  We are all wiped by lack of sleep. But happy to have our fav. New Yorker home for a little longer than we expected.  Praying for her on so many many decisions, needing so much clarity.  And also praying she can make it back to NYC tomorrow. Bad weather on the way yet again. Boo, spring snow and ice!

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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