Monday, April 30, 2018

The stress of the year

The stress of the year seems to be coming to a peak now.  Big decisions are becoming official.  And I’m just feeling unsettled. Praying for peace of mind.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I miss alone time

The kids are back and they joined us with a vengeance...tears, drama, fighting.  I miss alone time. I miss quiet.  One day was not enough.  Sigh.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Soccer, Kids to Nina and Poppy's, creepy Tommy and our hot date night :)

Our Saturday...

 packing for nina and poppy's...someone wanted to take some very random toys he never plays with...daddy put his foot down...literally :)
 time for playground fun near the soccer field...daddy and Lo got their exercise chasing each other :)
 Dyl had a great 1st travel game against our local Christian school...he really does have some soccer skillz :)  And they won by 1 point, so that was fun
 His run makes me laugh :)  He is apparently a very good runner...2nd in his running club at school (thanks to those long legs!)
LOL...they definitely wore each other out!

 Daddy is a good sport :)
 Love this happy boy :)  It was a great day for soccer...sunny, blue skies...and sorta warm :)
 LOL!  Seriously worn out with the creepy Steg eyes :)
 haha :)  Soooo tired!
 Oh boy!  Tommy...straight out of a horror movie!  Thanks to Poppy Stegs for his old ventriloquist!
 Shelb had a little too much fun with Tommy trying to wake up sleepy Lo :)
 Poor kid :)  He's gonna have nightmares tonight, but thankfully he's at Nina and Poppy's!
 She cracks herself up. I hope Tommy is ready for Monsters in the original screenplay written by Hailey 4 years ago and going to be produced by Shelby next weekend hopefully :)
 Time for Nina and Poppy's house!  Ash was already there and at our cousin's gymastic's bday sleepover party.  She was excited!
 first there was surgery on the car seat...always something.
 Someone is SUPER excited about her bday in a week...she has had a countdown going on her door since February!  And she also has a 3 page bday list that she started after Christmas, which includes wanting a dog---"a real-life living and breathing dog" (she knows me well and that I would get her a stuffed one :)).  She is a hoot!  And she LOVES to be celebrated!  I guess that means this mama should plan something!  ha!  Also, a note to her friends at school...since her bday is on a Sunday she does expect the bday celebrating to carry over to a school day...May 7 too!  A hoot!
 And we now get a hot date night (or rather, 24 hours)...whohoo! And what do almost-married-for-20-years do on their hot date nights...they go to Wee Willies in E-ville...we have never been and heard from Nina and Pops and SueSue that it's good. And it was....
 ...until I tried to squirt mustard on my chicken sandwich.  Hmmm.  They had apparently just gotten new squirt bottles and it did not work as planned.  I like mustard and all, but....
Thank goodness it didn't happen to Kev...he hates mustard...but he did have a good laugh at my expense :)
 We washed all that mustard down with Jiffy Treat :)  Which was also an oddity...waaay too much strawberry syrup in their cheesecake ice cream.  Good ol' Ellettsville.
This is the end of our hot date our bathroom (Kev's a trooper for getting down on his hands and knees and back?)....oh joy!  Life sure does not get any more exciting/romantic than this. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

What we're up to...

Here's a few pics of our day...trying to go with the flow of these very busy days and evenings, but it's wearing on me big time.

 Lo finally had his first baseball game.  I was soooo sad to miss it...and daddy did too.  But Nina and Poppy Stegs took him. I didn't even hear how it turned out or how he did and I haven't seen any pics...but he seemed happy with how it went.  Something about hitting well.  Can't wait to see him play next week!
 I was in Brown County (Nashville) watching Shelby.  Of course my phone died for the real hurdle event, but at least I got one of her practicing.  She did great.  Of course the meet started 30mins late and traffic was bad so we were rushing and late to violin...and she missed 1.5 hours of her meet.  So not sure that was worth it. But at least the sun was shining.
 Very tired...but still playing some good music :)  Nice face, Shelb :)

Someone did some awesome artwork tonight at her Girl Scout drawing event.  Plus she got all her cookie incentives...they were actually good prizes this year. And she sold over 200 cookies...yay, Ash!  Thanks, Hays, for selling half in NYC!  This is the most we've ever sold bc we hate that cookie season falls in the dead of winter.
  D didn't have anything tonight, but he is in the midst of travel soccer (this is a pic from yesterday). This is his new smile...or lack of.
LOL....blast from the past...Hays fits in my bridesmaid dress from 10 years ago...oddly enough it now fits me, her and Shelb.  I guess I should be happy it still fits me! :)  She is getting ready for prom.  No, this is not her dress...but she wanted to try it on, so I sent it to her.  Looks great on her!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My boys

Life is beyond crazy lately and not the good kind of crazy's sad/frustrating stuff....but I am really trying to find moments of joy in the midst of it all bc it's one of the only ways I make it thru my days. Today, it was this.  Watching my oldest boy give my youngest boy batting the rain...bc his first game was canceled and he thought he needed some practice.  That's what big bros are for.  Love them both.  Of course they both wore their good shoes out there and came in soaking wet and muddy...but that's a side point that this mama can forgive :)  Little joys.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Why can my life give us a break?  Feeling very defeated tonight.  :(

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I’m tired

If you are a parent of 5 kids and you work at all outside the home I have a new appreciation for you.  I’m not even working full time and I’m absolutely wiped out.  I feel like I work 3 full time jobs now and I can’t get a thing done around the house. My paychecks might have to pay someone to clean from now on. I’m not complaining.  I like subbing, but I also miss having a little bit of down time in my mornings.  And I miss being less tired in my afternoon and evenings.  Plus I feel too old to juggle all this.  Where do people find the energy/time?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Praying for reassurance on the right path

I'm posting a simple post just to remind myself to repost this sometime when I have more time.  It is my daily prayer, but it's hard to put it into words.  Decisions are hard. Trusting is hard.  Having faith is hard.  Life is hard.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wizard of Oz—ash the coloring contest winner gets to see the show for free!

Such a fun night and great show.  So proud of Ash for being such a great artist and winning us tickets! But wowsers was that a long late show for an istep school night 😳

Monday, April 16, 2018

Snow snow go away...taxes are done! And I have the most wonderful husband!

Tired of snow!  Tired of taxes!  But grateful for a wonderful hubby who surprised me with flowers in my van after work. ❤️

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A busy weekend, but a good one :)

I'm tired of busy weekends, but I guess that's just our life. They will not slow down...not with this many kids and not at this current season of life.  But it's ok.  When I get a little rest it seems better. 

As much as I hate gloom and rain, it was our friend this meant less baseball and no soccer. This was good.  But with each kid busy each day with an activity and Kev and I trying to get our acts together with taxes and organization...there is just no down time. A family needs down time.  So we took the bull by the horns and scheduled our down time for the last weekend in April.  Kids are going to Kev's parents and we will be home by ourselves.  Can't remember the last time we did this. Something to look forward to finally.  We need that. This year of decisions and stress has worn us down.  Time to recup and refresh....

Thursday, April 12, 2018

6th grade field trip day with Dyl!

I love llamas.  They make me smile.  Field trips with Dyl and his class also make me smile :). Plus 70 degree weather makes me smile.  Life is hopefully on the upswing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The last week has been rough.

Two fairly young relatives of some of our best friends passed away from cancer.  Both from pancreatic cancer.  Cancer sucks.  I am not always the best at processing death.  Especially when I think someone died too young.  I felt that way with both of these deaths.

And I feel our family is way too over scheduled to even be helpful to these families in need.  I am feeling like I’m barely keeping my head above water with all we have going on.  And at the end of the day I just feel like nothing I did mattered or was done well.  I feel very depleted.  Probably because I am just way too over scheduled. Not to mention May 1 is looming ahead as a college deadline. I feel I’m not doing a good job processing anything.  We need a break in the worst way but I can’t remember a time where we have had so much going on even all weekend.  Totally our mistake. Why did we sign up for baseball and travel soccer which will each take 6 hrs out of our week.  Why?  I’m learning the hard way.

But the day is almost done and I’m trying to keep life in perspective. Shelb had a good, but very cold meet, though I know she was frustrated with the end result.  I timed for the first time and didn’t mess up!  And Logan survived his first baseball to the nose (yes, blood all over). Have I mentioned he wants to go back to soccer?  He does!

That’s our life.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

So proud of our violinist! And two stegs kids were aviators today!

Shelb did amazing today at her IU solo and her BSO (bloomington symphony orchestra) debut. So very proud of her for all her hard musical work this weekend!  She’s awesome!  And Dyl and Ash had a splendid time flying around Bloomy with our pilot friend in his Cessna. We may have a couple aviators on our hands.  Ash even flew to Brazil (Indiana that is :)). Such a great opportunity!  And we got to see Nina and poppy stegs again.  Yay.  And Hailey is safely back in nyc after a fun time in TX. It’s her official last time flying to nyc.  Weird to think of that. But a new season for her is about to start. Trying to embrace that. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Musical weekend—day 1

Up super early and a whole day in Columbus, IN with our middle school orchestra.  Always fun chaperoning and seeing what unfolds with 45 students.  But we had fun, they won gold and Shelb and I had yummy fried cheese curds and custard for lunch at Culver’s.  Something most have never had since Bloomy is still waiting for one to be built.  But it was a very full day and I came straight home and took Lo to his second baseball practice in these super arctic winds.  I know it was a balmy 40, but felt like 10 in the wind and shade.  I think God got confused sometimes when He placed me here to raise a fam! But we survived that 1.5hr practice and home to eat pizza and prep for another full musical day for Shelb tomorrow.  Plus Ash gets to fly at the local airport with GS tomorrow.  I wish weekends had an extra day on occasion. This one needs one! :)
On a side note I think Hays had a fun Baylor day with fun Barb!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Naps, a down day, school carnival, Hays in Tx

Finally had a down day.  And I crashed hard.  I only got an hour nap in but it was glorious. The stress of everything lately is totally taxing on a body.  And Lo and I just chilled in the afternoon and watched his new paw patrol movies and ate chips n cheese.  Then a busy afternoon/evening of school carnival for ash and Lo and time with friends for Dyl and Shelb.  And hays seems to be having a great time with Baylor Bear Barb!  She deserves a fun time after all the decision making and stress. Yay for Waco!  Which looks to have yummy grilled cheese.  My fav!  Now onto our busy orchestral weekend—issma in Columbus tomorrow and a solo and symphony orchestra performance Sunday!  I miss dull weekends!  Truly.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Do you want ever wonder what God’s trying to teach you in life?  I do a lot lately.  Been trying to understand and read the signs God gives.  Why He closes some doors and puts up huge road blocks but yet gives no clear signs in another direction. It’s been wonderful having Hailey home for a few days, but the time was just too short and too many difficult decisions to make.  And it seems like so many doors slammed in her face. I’m floundering to give advice and know the right path. And now she’s running on a 7hr flight delay after a bird hit her plane.  The worst part is her friend Barb in Texas has been waiting for her at the airport for hours.  Ugh. Why all this crazy flight stuff for our newly aged 18 yr old?!  What in the world?  So we wait up til midnight when she lands. Just trying to understand these bumps in life and why give so many to such a young person.  She was born mature, God!  Why test her more?  Praying she’s safe in the skies and enjoys her TX Baylor time!  Sic ‘em!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Running on complete empty

I’m not sure when the last time Kev and I have been equally running on empty, but we are completely dragging this week.  And things don’t seem to be turning around any time soon. At some point in life we are going to have to give in to the exhaustion. Tomorrow might be the day. But for now trying to enjoy the final hours that Hailey is home.  A busy day of her going to IU classes and touring by herself while Kev and I worked.  I helped with my first teacher guest day. And then we hit the ground running with activities. Adding two more things to our already crazy Wednesday—issma orcestra rehearsal, track, IU violin, awana, running club, travel soccer, Boy Scouts and prom dress shopping.  Not to mention some stressful calls to top choice college and some stressful decision talks about the same. Life sure can be a crap shoot sometime.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Go, hurdler Shelb!

2nd in hurdles!  She’s the hurdling queen!  Yay Shelb!  Someday I’ll post pics! :)

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

Well pinch me now, my little green st paddy’s baby is 19!  The last year before 20. For some reason that feels really old. And makes me feel...