Saturday, June 30, 2018

A great graduation and boat day!

The Stegs has our first backyard graduation!  A scorching hot success!  Yay, Hays!  Go, Class of 2018!  And then spent the evening at the lake, with Pops along for the ride.  A great day even in the 100 degree heat!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lots 'o stuff going on...and Nina and Pops are here!

 Busy day...seems like all our summer days are like this...well, most of them.
Shelb was off early to XC practice...a daily occurrence now (yes, they practice 7 days a week in the early morn)'s commitment esp for a non-morning person.  This time we lucked out and it was at the park near our she rode her bike
Hays had her last doc appt at the peds office.  Weird to think that she's an adult now and doesn't need me there anymore, but she did let me come back to the room with her.  She fills out her own paperwork now.  Though it was humbling to be in the Jake pirate room :)
 Off to swim joyful always :)
 Love this boy!  He is so happy and he loves his mama :)
 Off to church core group!
 Fair stuff complete...5 of them submitted a total of 17 items. Yikes!
 It took us FOREVER to fill out the forms for 17 things!  Over an hour.  Good grief!
 We almost missed getting to see Nina and Pops!  But they waited on us!  YAY! 
 Lots of hugs to go around. Just wish we could see more of them. They are off to Sue Sue's for over a week.
 Horse time...yay for having Cora...Ashley's new fav horse.  She's a funny girl. Hays helped today.  She might be able to take up horse whispering if ballet is a bust after this year.                                         
Cora is the cantering queen!  She loves to move and jump. Ash loves that!
 Hays had her fun "Nina Stegs shopping day" with lunch at BJ's.  She got tons of stuff (notice the plethora of stripey stuff...more about that later :)) and she is now a proud owner of German Rosetta Stone.  Soon she'll be speaking the language!
It's officially her first day of summer...crazy that it's so late, but her school just ended idea why NYC does that bc all the kids just leave way before then and miss school.  We made her a "orange you glad it's summer" orange package :) 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Slept til 10am. Maybe getting too lazy?

I could get used to this lazy bum lifestyle. But I’m not getting a whole lot done in my days. Hmmm...

Friday, June 22, 2018

Enjoying the lazy life...and a night at the drive in

We are enjoying a well deserved lazy life now. A bad case of hives has me tired on meds but maybe that’s not all bad.  The kids are just chilling at home, watching tv, crafting, playing games...and dare I say...bored?!  I loved bored days. ❤️

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy summer comes with hives relief!

After night two of little sleep and lots of swelling and itching I gave in and made a dermatology appt. Very grateful they fit me right in and determined what I figured—hives.  And gave me a big old tushy shot of steroids.  No idea what is causing this reaction (an allergy to Canada?), but just praying it’s not passed down from my mama.  I have no idea how she functioned with this for 10 years.  All I hope for tonight is more than 2hrs sleep.  I took my heavy duty med and pray it knocks me out!   In other more exciting news, Shelb is in full swing for high school cross country.  Not sure she’s loving it as she’s gone from middle of the group in middle school to slowest. But I do give her credit for trying. And Dyl was back at basketball today.  Not sure he loved it either.  He did weight training for the first time and practiced with 9-12th graders.  Good for him, but sorta intimidating.  The other three stayed home in their pjs all day and played games.  Laziness is nice and forced laziness due to rainy days is also nice. Hailey’s in the midst of unpacking.  Something she’s never really done in the house after living in nyc since we moved here.  So unpacking is a slow process.  It’s nice to have lazier days (though I’m not sure driving back and forth to the same location 4 times and then doing the same to the opposite side of town counts as lazy.  It was a full day.  And only getting 6 hrs sleep the last 3 days makes the days seem harder. Ready for bed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jumping back into things...and hives :(

Not my fav jumping back into the routine after a vacation.  At least it’s summer.  We honestly eased back into things today, but because I slept very little last night this mama is not feeling patient.  Seems I might be plagued with the same hives my mama had in her 40s. I’ve itched and swelled the last 24hrs.  I have no idea how she lived with this for 10 years.  It’s debilitating for even a day!  Just praying it ceases soon and I can get my quality of life back.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Back from our falls vacay :(

Our first international Steg vacay is over.  We survived. We had fun. We are tired.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Beautiful Niagara!

Our final morning in Canada.  Time for the boat ride to the falls.  After spending so much on our van to get a new alternator...God sent an angel on earth who gave us free tickets to do the boat ride. Saved us hundreds!  Bless her!
LOL...can you guess who was NOT a fan of getting wet in the midst of the falls :) :)
Goodbye Canada!
Back to the US of A!  Such a different view from this side.
The hurricane deck!  It was raining anyway so didn't matter that we got wet from the falls!
It was so pretty here!
Amazing force of the water under our feet.
Soaked completely
Love these sweet sisters!  And all my kids jumping for joy...we loved Niagara!
It’s been such an adventurous couple days.  Some bad (van dies 5 mins over the Canadian border and Kev spent most of Father’s Day at the car shop.) Poor guy.  But the falls made up
for it.  Gorgeous on both sides.  Canada yesterday and US today.  Such a wonder.  More details and pics later.  Not been all that relaxing but seems our vacations never are! Lol :)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s Day-Canadian style!

 Best father's day dies on the main street intersection in Niagara Falls, Canada...right over the border.  Kev on the phone with AAA in the USA.  Not sure they could help us...great timing...great father's day...
 The kids and the dead van in the background...poor daddy...
 first view of Niagara falls, Canada side
 At least we treated daddy to coke floats at the Niagara store...yumm!
Father's Day in the hotel room...very nice hotel room...we loved it...overlooked the main street of Niagara falls and we could see the falls too if we put our heads out the window.  Plus our hotel had two pools and a fireplace in our room :)

Happy dad’s day to my fav Kev and my awesome dad and pops and poppy Stegs too.  I’m out of service til tomorrow since we’re crossing the border soon. Canadian Niagara, here we come!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

So long NYC, hello Niagara Falls!

So long SAB....these dorms have been our Hailey's home over the course of 7 years!  Grateful for the safety and refuge they gave her. They were home away from home!
Trying to fit 3 years of dorm stuff in our van...along with 7 people...her roommate had the same prob!
 Bestie grateful God put these two together for 3 years and that they met 7 years ago.

(celebratory Grad cake in Central Park...she was in no mood for it, but we needed to say our goodbyes to the city...we will probably never all be there again together.  We love you, NYC!)

An emotional nyc day of finality, but we’re drowning our sadness in a lil getaway to Niagara Falls.  Nothing says fun like waterfalls and Canada! Eh!

Friday, June 15, 2018

NJ arrival!

Our last nyc road trip.  I’m not gonna lie, I got a little misty eyed seeing the city over the bridge all lit up.  It’s captivating and has given our Hays a good life the last 7 years.  Feeling a little sad but also very blessed and grateful. Not many kids get this opportunity to live this exceptional life and not many families get to follow along in the adventure. God’s been good and this path to nyc has been a blast.  Now onto new adventures in Germany and beyond. For now we look forward to one more trek to Lincoln center tomorrow...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last day of ballet in nyc (sorta) :)

Life goes by so quickly.  I am reminded of that on days like today.  Her adventure to NYC began so many years ago.  It was a cold day in Indy...1/7/2012...she was only 11. Her very first audition for a ballet intensive...for the best ballet school in the country.  I honestly didn't even know anything about SAB and had it not been for her teacher/mentor at IU we would have never auditioned.  Life changing advice.
 About a week later we got the news online. She was accepted...on full scholarship. I remember her getting off the bus and seeing the news on the front door. I know she was excited, but she has never been one to flaunt anything. 
 And here we are...4 summers and 3 winter terms later...18 and an adult now....and now on her way to Germany to apprentice with a ballet company...her first ballet job.
 We celebrated in our own weird way at home :)  Ash helped me...she missed Monday's last day of school celebration and she likes to bake and craft with me! :) 
 Woohoo...excited about the last day of ballet at SAB-NYC...though it was very bittersweet.  I was actually quite sad. 
 LOL :)                                        
 We love our ballerina! :)  A cakepop family of ballerinas :)

 LOL! :)
 Thank you, SAB for helping changing our daughter's life forever.  And oddly enough right after she had her final class today, we found out she was approved to return for summer to train for her German contract.  Bless you, SAB! :)  So she will have her 5th summer at SAB before she heads overseas.  YAY!
 A few instagram pics for the final day for D class.  Very bittersweet. These girls and guys have danced together for 3 years or more...they are best going all over the country to dance...or in our case, out of the country. :)
 Our Grad...our beauty.  On the verge of a new adventure. Thank you, Lord, for the path you gave her to SAB and NYC...and now thank you for a new path and an unexpected chance to keep dancing.  Feeling blessed.  Ready to get our to NYC tomorrow :)
Congrats, very proud of you! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Last Day of School for Hays! Bittersweet...

 Well, that day has oldest child has finished high school.  Not only did she finish it, but she virtually did it without parental assistance the last 3 years while navigating through the NYC school system and an online high school as well (a feat that deserves some major awards!)  But I knew the moment this girl was in Kindergarten (heck, preschool!) that she was made for greater things and could take on big challenges.  She was always an old soul in a little girl's body.

So here's my lil' walk down memory lane...her first day of Kindergarten above...August 2005....and her last day of 12th grade below (today).  Never in a million years did I think she'd be standing on the steps of a Manhattan high school when she was about to graduate, but God sure did! lol!  He had it all planned out. 

I was a little sad she couldn't stand on our front doorstep and get a final school pic with her backpack, but she at least obliged me and had a friend take one outside of school.  Thanks, Hays!  Your sentimental mama appreciates it! :)
 PPAS (Professional Performing Arts School) has treated her well these last three years. I know it didn't challenge her very smart brain, but it at least allowed her to take some courses, get AP credit and was flexible enough to let her take on her very rigorous ballet sched at SAB.  She navigated getting there by bus and subway every day also dealing with lock-downs and bomb threats and what sadly seems like the norm for high schools these days.                                                   

 We sent her this to celebrate.  It arrived just on time today.  I knew she didn't need clutter since she moves out on Saturday and every grad loves cash!  So here's her "cap of cash"!  It made it fairly intact given I crammed it into a box that it barely fit it!
 Logan was my "cash cap" model last Friday :)  Thumbs up!
 I know Calvin in on hold, but I still sent her a new shirt...and some old grad confetti I had saved from my grad party in 1995! lol!  No idea why I had that in my party bin!  That lil' gorgeous building pic is from Germany...where she will be dancing for the next year!
 We had a little food fun on Hays' behalf...we always do.  I didn't have much in the house as far as food supplies for baking so we just made sugar cookies (which we made for her first day of 12th grade too), mini cupcakes and some choc covered strawberries as our "happy last day of school" treats!  We were sooo excited as you can plainly see!  We had to wear our Western Symphony/Today Show hats too, of course!!
 We made a sign to run through too....excuse the blurry pics, but these are taken from a video.  Yes, Shelb had to be the one to cut in front of the 5 year old to tear thru the sign.  Nice.

But we let him redo it with his Hayeee head :)
Thumbs up for making it through 13 years of school (or 15 if you count preschool!)  So proud of our first almost graduate!  She won't walk in her graduation in 2 weeks just bc we don't want to travel back to NYC for a 3rd time.  But we're so proud of her for how brilliant, hard-working and dedicated she is!  YAY, Hays!  All done with just 3 more days of ballet...then adios NYC! :) :(  Kinda bittersweet!
These two are absent from our home thus why they aren't in pics. They got a last minute invite to go to Kentucky Kingdom park with off they went for 2 days.  Fun!

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

Well pinch me now, my little green st paddy’s baby is 19!  The last year before 20. For some reason that feels really old. And makes me feel...