Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last day of ballet in nyc (sorta) :)

Life goes by so quickly.  I am reminded of that on days like today.  Her adventure to NYC began so many years ago.  It was a cold day in Indy...1/7/2012...she was only 11. Her very first audition for a ballet intensive...for the best ballet school in the country.  I honestly didn't even know anything about SAB and had it not been for her teacher/mentor at IU we would have never auditioned.  Life changing advice.
 About a week later we got the news online. She was accepted...on full scholarship. I remember her getting off the bus and seeing the news on the front door. I know she was excited, but she has never been one to flaunt anything. 
 And here we are...4 summers and 3 winter terms later...18 and an adult now....and now on her way to Germany to apprentice with a ballet company...her first ballet job.
 We celebrated in our own weird way at home :)  Ash helped me...she missed Monday's last day of school celebration and she likes to bake and craft with me! :) 
 Woohoo...excited about the last day of ballet at SAB-NYC...though it was very bittersweet.  I was actually quite sad. 
 LOL :)                                        
 We love our ballerina! :)  A cakepop family of ballerinas :)

 LOL! :)
 Thank you, SAB for helping changing our daughter's life forever.  And oddly enough right after she had her final class today, we found out she was approved to return for summer to train for her German contract.  Bless you, SAB! :)  So she will have her 5th summer at SAB before she heads overseas.  YAY!
 A few instagram pics for the final day for D class.  Very bittersweet. These girls and guys have danced together for 3 years or more...they are best going all over the country to dance...or in our case, out of the country. :)
 Our Grad...our beauty.  On the verge of a new adventure. Thank you, Lord, for the path you gave her to SAB and NYC...and now thank you for a new path and an unexpected chance to keep dancing.  Feeling blessed.  Ready to get our to NYC tomorrow :)
Congrats, very proud of you! 

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Mom said...

Pops and I are VERY proud Hays! You are an amazing young lady; enjoy Germany! ❤️😘😍

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