Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lots 'o stuff going on...and Nina and Pops are here!

 Busy day...seems like all our summer days are like this...well, most of them.
Shelb was off early to XC practice...a daily occurrence now (yes, they practice 7 days a week in the early morn)'s commitment esp for a non-morning person.  This time we lucked out and it was at the park near our she rode her bike
Hays had her last doc appt at the peds office.  Weird to think that she's an adult now and doesn't need me there anymore, but she did let me come back to the room with her.  She fills out her own paperwork now.  Though it was humbling to be in the Jake pirate room :)
 Off to swim joyful always :)
 Love this boy!  He is so happy and he loves his mama :)
 Off to church core group!
 Fair stuff complete...5 of them submitted a total of 17 items. Yikes!
 It took us FOREVER to fill out the forms for 17 things!  Over an hour.  Good grief!
 We almost missed getting to see Nina and Pops!  But they waited on us!  YAY! 
 Lots of hugs to go around. Just wish we could see more of them. They are off to Sue Sue's for over a week.
 Horse time...yay for having Cora...Ashley's new fav horse.  She's a funny girl. Hays helped today.  She might be able to take up horse whispering if ballet is a bust after this year.                                         
Cora is the cantering queen!  She loves to move and jump. Ash loves that!
 Hays had her fun "Nina Stegs shopping day" with lunch at BJ's.  She got tons of stuff (notice the plethora of stripey stuff...more about that later :)) and she is now a proud owner of German Rosetta Stone.  Soon she'll be speaking the language!
It's officially her first day of summer...crazy that it's so late, but her school just ended idea why NYC does that bc all the kids just leave way before then and miss school.  We made her a "orange you glad it's summer" orange package :) 

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